Unhappy Belly..

I have been absent from the blog this last week. I have been trying to fight off this stomach bug I have. I have had it now for a week. It is really hard to sit at the desk and walk between both stations we have with a sour stomach.

I hit all my targets with my calories last week. In the end I gain +3. I am still bloated from what ever is going on and I I has almost got rid of the gain. I was so sore last week. My body was just telling to take a break and I did.One of my newer running shoes broke on the inside left ankle. I rubbed a big ole place on my foot. So now I am trying to switch my old shoe that’s not broken down on the inside for the new one that is. My running shop has my shoes on sale so I am going to have to go get a pair.

I tried some circuit training for a little bit and made it through. I will have numbers for the week in review this week. I have just been not feeling so  well. {at least it isn’t my back}

For April I think I did damn good. 25.88 mile for the month. 12 hours in strength training. I still have not made it out with the group. It would be nice of I did. Food wise I am working on a balance to gain more control over. Splurge day I need to make more of my choices for splurges and keep a more on track during the week. AKA make my natural snack cookies so I won’t stray.

I got all great numbers back from my doctor. Labs are were they all need to be. I am not deficient in anything! Just need to drop the weight. I told her I didn’t want to go less than 150-160. She said that’s fine. Just do it.

Today is hill interval day. If I feel better later today I will get them in. Tonight I am planning to go to bed early and get up early. Trying to rewire my head for training. The afternoon thunderstorms are back, and the humidity is coming and slowly setting in.

This video is what I have been up to doing for cardio. this three exercises also work the entire body. I have not made it to 100 yet. I want to. Izzy made me do these when she was my trainer. I was up to fifty with her. So I have to start total over. The funny part I wish I could jump like this guy. Haha..

Have a great Week!

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