What I Do Today ..Helps My Goals Become Clear

It has been quit busy for me. Did my yearly physical. We did discuss losing weight. We both determined that the my doctors program would be a plus. But for my new work schedule it does not work for it. I can’t start till June. I work everyday that I would have to be there for the program. So I wait. She is happy to see that I did not gain in the 6 months. It may not take as long to get back. Going at the pace I have picked is good.


So I have been trying to mange my time better. If I miss my post here then I miss it. I refuse to stress over it. If it is super busy at work, I just keep moving forward. I picked this job. I like it so I have to stop stressing over it. It is hard to start new habits when your body is refusing to start.

Started the week with my miles at 2.69 plus core workout.{total so far 4.86} That was 2 days ago, and I am still feeling it. I did side planks. Finding out that my left side is much weaker than the right. That is the side that was effected by the injury. Full planks can hold that 45 seconds before I start shaking. Then bridges. Ab crunches.  Today is and already done upper body. 2 sets of 10-15. on the ball, incline dumbbell press,bent over rows,on the ball chest press, chest flies. Then single arm dumbbell row, push ups,superman on the ball{very hard} Weakness need to work on. Single arm shoulder press,lateral raises, front raises,upright row, bicep curl, alternating bicep curl,tricep extension, and tricep kick backs.

My arms are jelly. It is making it hard to type this. 🙂 I will enjoy it. I am not in pain. 😉 Today I will go over and do a group walk. this Saturday will be my my first long miles. How  long??  4 miles. Then I will have met my Galloway training for the Tower Of Terror 10 miler. I am suppose to add a half mile to my numbers. I will be up to 3 milers. That will be my maintenance miles. Let’s see how this goes, before I decide to add more. I am going to go purchase the Galloway interval timer. While I am in the low miles. Get used to intervals. This week I have to add one day of hills. Just one. One of my beginner sets.

This Saturday is splurge day. I got to pick again so I want to go to Pizza Fusion. They have non dairy cheese I like and make it a person size. I can’t wait. Oh yeah and a 365 soda.  Food has been going good. I have been sticking to my numbers. I have been good. So when splurge day comes.. I am so ready.

I also have made a decision to get a tattoo. Rae but why?? I am tired of loosing my allergy bands, tags. Since it is a really bad one, I am going to have it put on me permanently. So if I were to be unable to speak for myself, I want them to know. I will have to get a test spots.  Rae where are you putting it?? On my forearm. That way it is there for all to see. I can’t get the flu vaccine, cause of that allergy. Skull and cross bones type of reaction.

I have been looking for a new gear look. But I keep going back to our Team Voice and I am also looking at Team Bring It. It has been a huge roll in my recovery. I look forward everyday to the morning up lifting tweets from The Rock. I still wear my Team Voice shirt. Much near and dear to me. But age it catching up with that shirt.

Happy Thursday! Will do my week in review Saturday. Sat. is also weigh in day too!!



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1 Response to What I Do Today ..Helps My Goals Become Clear

  1. wdwalone says:

    Keep trucking Rae – you’re doing great!


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