The Week in Review

It’s been a week. This week I have to say I am proud of myself. I worked hard this week to stick to my meal plan. I also followed through with my miles I just have to get today’s in.

So this week for miles 14.09 , avg pace 15:15 minute mile. 2.83 hours spent on them. 950 calories burned doing them. I think my app is missing one day I will look and put it in. Strength ,Dead bugs, heel squeeze prone,side planks. Push up on knees, 60. I still have 20 to do today.{80}

My calorie burn for this week, Sun. 2693/7484 steps, Mon. 1693/1960 steps, Tues. 1595/0{forgot to wear the bug},wed. 1595 /0{forgot to wear the bug}, Thurs. 2326/8894 steps. For intake I have a range of min.1633 max 1908.

I work this weekend. I have my meals already planned out. Mostly left overs. Which have been amazing.

Today was weigh in. -2.0 YAY!!!!  I believe we will be having pizza tomorrow. That is what I picked for the splurge day.

I am finding that I have to wear my temporary brace when traveling in the car, and the day after training. I am looking for a punching bag with gloves. Shopping around. Got to get the upper body much stronger. Like my core.  I am also finding it to be helpful having a buddy. One of my  Disney friends that have the same goals in mind.  THANK YOU!  🙂 I will add my Friday numbers in later in the evening.

I got my three days in ,even like the way Jeff Galloway has it written for the TOT training. We looked back and my last logged time for a 10 miler was 2:20.

Have a great weekend!

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1 Response to The Week in Review

  1. wdwalone says:

    You have done an amazing job this week. You’re learning where to push and how to protect your back while still training and it’s super. So proud of you. Now send some of that motivation back my way as this has just been one heck of a bad week again for me…No more self pity for me :)!

    The villains await!


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