No Looking Back..

Today it is  pouring raining. So for now I am looking for my other knee brace. I have to have them for miles over 2.{may even need my brace for my back don’t know yet}.

The plan starting today is 2-2.5 miles 3 days a week with core exercises. The Plank, The dead bug ,and the wall sit. I will be going for 3o second holds. I will do each one x2. And use a different one each walking day. My goal is to get back up to one minute holds. Oh yeah, I am off on one of the group meet days this week . Gonna go give it a try.

Weigh in today I am up +.7. The only thing I can account for the gain is not meeting my calories for the day. I have to make at the least 1600 max 1800.We are going back to Saturdays being our splurge day. I found a vegan donut like a Boston cream. Yummy.

Right now I am using a new app for tracking my diet it is called MY net diary. I can add my vegan items and it has a great bar code scanner. It’s free. I can add notes. SO when I see the dietitian that goes with the program, I will be starting they can see what I have been doing and stuff. I can even add in my vitamins, meds. and supplements. Like the wheat grass.

I am  sore from walking yesterday. My legs and butt are sore. I did 20 push ups yesterday too. {floor}My avg. pace was 15:50.  =) I wore the tech shirt from the race that caused all of this mess. My reminder when I don’t want to do anything.

That’s it for now. Have a great weekend!

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  1. wdwalone says:

    Great job – sounds like you’re getting back on track.


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