Where the H Have I Been??

WOW! I  didn’t realize it has been a month since my last post. I sure do have alot to talk about. So this will be long as H.

First my back injury. It have now been 6 months. Today marks my 2nd week of actually walking, standing straight without pain.  I really do mean pain free. I can even stretch. I have been a really long road. I am super tired of it. I see the doctor next week. This will be the appointment that will be the deal breaker. Do I go see the neurosurgeon and Ortho. doctor or do I get to go to PT??{i have a trainer ready to tackle me and my back}  Saw my Asthma doctor. He has changed my meds. to a less . HE wasn’t happy I let my other inhaler run out. I had no choice I could hardly walk. He said just call and they could call it in. I go for my yearly.  Then I have to schedule for a time to see how much of what I tested positive for how bad it is.

I had  birthday.  Got a new phone,{missing to many calls} Found a temporary brace. Waiting on the insurance to get my brace.

Then last week FINALLY arrived!!!  Wrestle-mania 28 week started!!

We got to see Thursday, Kofi Kingston. He is a really awesome guy. Into his fans, and truly like to do what he does.




Zach Ryder..WOO..WOO..WOO.. He was depressed. After that we went home and I iced down my back for the next evening event.


We went to a local wrestling event. As usual the Head bangers were there, Billy Gunn, and ll the others. It would take me hours to type them all in. But we know these guys. Then I was looking around during a boring match. I jumped up as fast as I can{which isn’t as fast I would like} screamed at my Mom to common and I got to meet…

Teddy Long the WWE Smack down GM. He is a really amazing guy. They are looking for new talent.

Friday..Being traveling still isn’t my thing, we went back to the stadium and met the WWE Wold Champ. The fans were yelling YES..YES.. YES.. I was saying NOO..NOO.. And the champ yelled HEY!!! I got him!!!

BTW.. he is no longer the Champ/ he lost in 18 seconds! Then we got to meet KANE!!

He is nice. Likes playing the bad guy,and his hands are super soft. So I named my cane {yes I have one for bad days} KANE!! it’s on the front of it .

Then we went to Wrestle Axxess. That’s me walking in. E took that picture. While walking through here you hear clapping and yelling like the fans do. It reminded me of the finish line at the races.

It was super packed, but it was fun. I almost got beat up by the wheelchair people, cause I couldn’t walk up the stairs to some of the wrestlers. I had to have the medics even pack my back in ice while there. They put it in my brace. I got to meet Paul bearer. Super cool guy. He was in the Undertakers graveyard.

I was so excited. When we got home, packed the back n ice,and laid in neural position so I could keep the pain free days rolling. I was just slow.

Saturday we got to see Santino . He was a little late, and had a major hangover.

I gave him props for still coming out to see his fans. Then I get a tweet on my phone. It was from the Rock. Hide a Tweet. Find Britt and gate orange at the Mia convention center. WTH!! Someone won tickets and signed shirt. But Rock wasn’t there. I was hoping we weren’t gonna miss the Hide and Tweet. He only did it once. Saturday.

BTW.. they all are huge Mickey Mouse fans. =)

Sunday.. Me E and the kid go to Wrestle Axxess. We went early morning. While headed down there, ta triathlon was finishing up. I get a picture all the sudden on my phone and it was Dave Batista with some of my friends who did the tri. He came in second.

Who knew he liked triathlons!!! Talk is he will be back for others. I really MISS hanging out with Cat. and all the people I have rode with.

We get to Axxess. Nat was having a blast. We were standing in line for Mark Henry and they were late cause of the triathlon. So E took her around to do other stuff. I learned this on twitter. We also got to meet R-Truth and Lil Jimmy. Wade Barrett. We has a photo card like you get a Disney. I haven’t down loaded those pics yet.  We walked up to everyone we wanted to see, and a blast. We saw Rocky Johnson too.  I was feeling super good here. Saw the medics who took care of me and I thank them again.

We has alot of fun. This was my first outings in nearly 6 months. We needed it. So many stairs for me to do the Money in the bank pic.

We sat down ,got a snack and just watched people. Then I got  alert Tweet. It was @TheRock. Hide and Tweet will begin in 20 minutes. Ok we sat there. 20 minutes go by and the tweet came in. Dwayne Johnson  @therock  #TeamBringIt be near 67th Ave & 81st St in 1 hr. While kickin’ ass at THE U, me & my teammates would celebrate by coming here. We sat there looking at each other should we go?? Nat yelling YES..YES..YES, WTH.. at least we can say we chased The Rock all over Ma. SO we went. we made it. I was on FB posting. Our friends got a kick out of it. We found The Big Cheese. quite a crowd there. one on went in the store.  alert on my phone..Dwayne Johnson@TheRock Go time #TeamBringIt! Get to Big Cheese Pizza on 67th Ave. 1st to find Britt outside & say BOOTS TO ASSES wins lunch & #WrestleMania tix. She was out back. See quite a crowd. We had to wait 45 minutes for the next tweet. We noticed that we were getting the updates before anyone else. The winner there in the pic, just found her first.  New alert….Dwayne Johnson@TheRock   Next #WrestleMania tix are @ another staple by THE U! Near & dear to my heart & stomach. Be near 73rd St & 57th Ave in 1 hr. #TeamBringIt we hauled butt. We got there first Chicken Kitchen. We had lunch there. Britt told us it was all about who can refresh first.  we were finishing up eating.. she gets up and goes out side. alert…..Dwayne Johnson@TheRock  First #TeamBringIt fan to find Britt outside Chicken Kitchen on 57th Ave & say ONCE IN A LIFETIME is the champ! I jumped up headed out the door, and no more than I was yelling it, like was yelling at the kids a guy beat me… I just wanted the shirt. I would have gave the tickets away. The Rock still did not show up. The crowd much smaller. So we left. had to wait for the last tweet… Alert….Dwayne Johnson@TheRock   Every day I was Clangin’ & Bangin’ in the weight room at this spot near San Amaro Dr & Corniche. Be there in 20 min #TeamBringIt ….The will be o the UM campus and at the gym. We had a little harder time to find this location but we found it. Nat and I was ready…We followed her when she took us all to the front of the gym doors. e was just watching ….it was so quiet it wasn’t funny.  Alert ….Dwayne Johnson@TheRock  Get to The Hecht Center @UnivMiami now! 1st fan to tell Britt GO CANES wins the #WrestleMania tix. #TeamBringIt  Nat and I WERE SO NERVOUS…. we both started to say GO Canes and Britt went to look at us and this kid said it even faster and she gave it to him even though we said it first.  It was fun. We can say we chased Britt all over Mia. The Rock never once shown up. So with that Nat was mad that she gave it to the guy in the Pic. She was glad she wore her Cena shirt.

She was really upset. Still is . Maybe one day ….

Well report on the rest later…


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2 Responses to Where the H Have I Been??

  1. Richard says:

    Welcome back! I hope it won’t be too long before you’re on that tri course, too!
    Keep moving forward, my friend!


  2. wdwalone says:

    Sounds like things are finally starting to look a bit better for you. I hope there’s good news from the doctor!

    Looks like you guys had a ton of fun with Wrestle Mania!


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