Always Being Reminded…


Another  Disney race comes and goes. I am still on the side line. I followed my friends. It was a nailing biting follow, since I was working and I thought my track my runner wasn’t working.  Sigh…

It has almost been a week since I had my injection. This one didn’t seem to be as pleasant as the last one. I seem to have more pain. 😦 It is like I went backwards and not forward. If I hurt I have to stop what ever I am doing. Well… I walked around long enough to fix breakfast, and look and all my friends blogs and sitting is just not an option again. 😦 I have the freedom to walk as much as I want to regain endurance, but if I hurt I can not do it.

I am getting where I don’t like sitting at home.{Watch tv, tweet,fb ,pack my back in ice} I get to walk by and look at all my wonderful medals, which all are proof of my hard work and dedication. Also a cruel reminder what I can not do  now or for the next 6 months. That’s August. Not enough time to get ready for the Tower of Terror 10 miler.

Which I need to revisit this race..This was the first one that kicked me. I hit the wall in it. If it wasn’t for E pulling me, or the last couple of runners telling me I could do it and wishing I could remember the last 2 miles of that race. I was wheel-chaired out and to my room. Only so be sick the rest of the night, and swearing off ever doing that again.

This medal I want to take a hammer to. This is the race I got hurt in. This is the race that only a some part of the race was on a board walk, could be a little slippery in the early morning. We were early.On the way to breaking that 3 hour mark They didn’t tell you half of the race was on the boardwalk. This one is hanging on my door with all my medals from 2011.

I didn’t weigh in last week. I am bored with the food I eat. I still a huge craving problem with potato chips. Serving is 4 points. How about the entire bag? I am missing the WW meetings. I am going to have to figure out how to go to them and be consistent with them since my new boss has been  micro managing the work schedule and she will cause me to miss out on things I like to do.

I have only done 30 push ups this week on the wall. I want to do sit ups. I want to ride my bike. I want to do run intervals. I want to walk the stairs at work, cause I completely dislike riding the elevator. I want a trainer in my face. I want to race again ,even if I am the last one to cross the finish line!!I want to be able to walk and not limp. Yes I have a slight limp that is cause the little shock pains I get with every step in my left leg and hip. I wear my IT band to keep my knee from hurting, or my leg from going out from under me.

I never thought I would say this.. I miss looking down at my knee pads telling my knees we are going to do 10 today or one hour of hill intervals or sprints. I thought my knees would end my marathons.

I am coming up due for my yearly check up. I still haven’t been back to my primary doctor. She doesn’t know about the back. But she will. I will let her know I am mad at her for sending me to PT and I became worse. I see my back doctor next week.

I am dwelling on the past.. I know I should not..It is super hard not to.. being reminded when I have to deal with it in my face everyday… {well in my ass} That day when I get the green light.. I will put all this anger to work…

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1 Response to Always Being Reminded…

  1. wdwalone says:

    All I can do is remind you to be patient, stay as positive as you can and remember you can always vent to us!


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