Ups and Downs…

It’s been some time now since I have posted. Overtime at work. This past weekend was the first weekend since my last post I have been off.  I am a mess. I haven’t tracked at all on my intake. I missed a weigh in. I haven’t walked cause of being super tired and sore from working so much.   This is gonna be kinda long fair warning…

Last Sunday, I slipped around on the new wood floors at work and fell. Yep I fell. I did not fall on my butt. I did a little dance and went down on my left knee. I was determined not to land on my butt. My boss even tried to help. It was funny. The worse thing came out of that was my right ankle was a bit swollen. Didn’t hurt but it was swollen.  Last week ,I have been able to sit  without my pillow. It has been nice to do. I truly thought I wasn’t gonna get to sit like everyone else.  4 months of not sitting right. If I lean to far back I get a little shock of pain. I can not sit in the car without the pillow. The seat in my car have no lumbar support. 😦 So We have been looking around for GT seats that have the support in them.  I am walking much better. 🙂 I have to say I have to stick to walking for everyday outings. I wore some that had no support in them and I paid for it. I guess heels will be out of the question for a very long time,if ever again.

I weigh in Sunday am. Up +.6 . Gee lovely. I think it is cause from that time of the month. I could be wrong. I tracked yesterday and the day before. Tracking today. Gonna try to put Tuesdays tracking in since I have to work and I can’t seem to get the time to do that at work. I just have to do it. Get my mind set back on track and just do it. No matter what. Just like getting back into walking, and working out everyday. I am calling myself out. Cause if I don’t who will. {food for thought}

I have been reading everyone’s blogs. I may not comment right away but I am reading them. I get so inspired by some, other make me mad cause the take for granted they CAN  exercises, and do miles, but have a reason not too. Here I am wanting to, and I can not. Side line.. Again.. still with the haunting words you can walk but you may not be as fast as you were before. Then there is I may not get that green light and then what do I do??  That is still a in your face reality I have to deal with until this is all done. What worked for others may not work for me.  {not realizing that I did go through all of this when I was a kid} {finding out there is alot wrong with my lumbar spine.structure and all}.

I want to be doing this again!!!

I just want to do the GOOFY/DOPEY!!!  If and when I get the green light… I am finding a trainer that can be in my face, or text message away going hey how’s today. I just want to do it once so I can say I did it!!!  I just want that one more chance. Everyone who reads this understands the drive… But until you are in my shoes…you have no idea…. none!!! So if you are this this and you can do it… JUST DO IT!!! Don’t miss out cause you are scared of the unknown. Scared of success. Then you will always sit back and wonder what it would have been  like!!  NO!!! Quit holding yourself back. That day will come and you will have no choice where you can’t do it. I KNOW.. I am there… and I regret holding myself back.

SO this Friday.. PT or no PT is the question?? I go for my check up. Fingers crossed so I do not have to have another injection. Can only have so many injections before breakdown of tissue and stuff.

Here’s the workout plan, Arms biceps, triceps. butterflies and flies. Lat. pull downs and raises, chest raises, single arm rows for upper back and some core. Wall push ups. I know these are not as good as getting on the floor, but I can not get on the floor yet. 3 reps of 15-20. Everyday. super light hand weights 5 lbs. All I am aloud. To get my half mile in I will have E pull out the dreadmill. WAIT, before you think bad here has been nasty. I haven’t had to use the rescue inhaler in 5 months. Why start now. I know my walking speed, which is super slow ,but I am walking!! That’s all that counts. I am still upright and walking.

I want to see this sign again!

All caught up.. it’s gonna be alot of Hard Work and Dedication to get through this and get this weight off. Hard Work and Dedication to get back to walk/ run .

I am in, are you??

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2 Responses to Ups and Downs…

  1. wdwalone says:

    You know – you are quite right and I’m glad you posted this. I’ve been in a slump with all the sickness and allergies/sinuses. I have just been in a bit of a pity party this last week and I have no right. I can do it and I need to do it. No excuses!

    You’re doing great. Remember to keep that positive attitude. Do what you can do and don’t push so hard you make yourself worse. You’re going to do it – I know you will.

    Okay, so let’s say the worst happens. Let’s say that you can’t do the events you want to. So, what do you do? How about volunteering or getting involved in coaching? You have a lot of great motivation, ideas and ability to push people. I know that I’d love to see you out volunteering at a race because I know that if I looked like I was having trouble, you’d pick me up – and we both know how important that is! I don’t think you’re going to have to worry about this yet, but there are ways for you to continue to be involved and a part of the things you love.

    Keep your chin up, avoid falling any more at work, do with the doctors say and we’ll see you on the race course in September – can’t wait to run from the villains :)!

    PS – no worries on the Princess. I can understand having to work and I’m just glad it is not because the thought of the drive is pure torture!


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