Carousel Of Progress..

Since last time. I have been walking around my block everyday. Except last night. I could hardly stay awake. One of those super busy days at work. Monday’s walk was nice and quick. Let’s say 14 minutes. I was so shocked. 😀

So, I saw my doctor at work. He was visiting other patients. He ‘s glad I am having

progress. But I pointed down at my chair, and said

, “I still can’t sit down without my pillow”. “Or lie on my back or my left side”. {funny how that works since it is in the right side the in bulging} Maybe my back is a little worse than the MRI stated. Plus going untreated for so long didn’t help. There is a possibility I may have to get another injection. {My best friend told on me.}She didn’t tell on me she saw him first on her floor and he ask her :D. I am walking much better. Inclines don’t hurt as bad. I drove my car yesterday. It didn’t hurt. I am kinda sleeping through the night{depends on my day}. My doctor said stick to our plan and see you in the office. I go back in 2 weeks.  That will be a week after the injection wears off. SO we will see how it works.

Oh let me say, Monday morning just after E left for  work. I am home sleeping. I hear this Loud crash. I came up out of my bed, tripped over my phone cord, and ran out the front door, thinking OMG! here we go again with a really bad crash at the corner of my street. People run the stop sign all the time. My daughter was right behind me. it was the neighbors basket ball hoop. The net got hung up on a work van passing by. The kid left it to close to the road. What a relief.  The rest of the day I was super sore and I was having some pain. Around a 6. My daughter got mad at me for running out the door in my pj’s and not minding my back. I tended to the last  crash at the end of our street. It is what I do. I can’t help it. It’s what I do. I was wanting to go back to school for paramedic after she graduates. But we will see after  I get all healed up.

I have been sticking to my WW numbers. When I got home last night I was so hungry. My salad I had was my last 6 points. I had a grill cheese  last night. I went over another 6. No big deal. I used my earn activity points.  I have started working on my upper body.  Extreme light weights, and 4 reps of 15. Bicep curls triceps, flies and  i can’t remember the names of them all. I have been meeting my calorie burn this week too. 2650. I have been averaging 2790 .and over 7,000 steps. I have made my steps yet. This is at work. Home I have been making it too 1800, 1900 for a burn. So, 3350 calories is a one pound loss. So I am having good thoughts for this weeks weigh in. Lately I have been craving potato chips. Yet they are a weakness. I am not much on the candy as much as chips. Salt and vinegar.

Did anyone else see the article about the money the Bob Iger made off of Disney?? What does one person need with 31 + million dollars? Half of it was in bonuses?{thought they were having major loss}  I love everything about Disney.  Lately they have left the grass roots of the company. I know it progress. But 31 million?!? He really needs to put some of that back into the company and get the numbers up. I need to stop before I work myself up.

I guess it is all about Progress…”It’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow””..

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2 Responses to Carousel Of Progress..

  1. wdwalone says:

    Glad to hear that you’re making progress and it sounds like the Dr has a plan and if you stick to it things will improve. Just remember not to overdo it and make things worse instead of better. The Dr gave you instructions for a reason!

    Ah, money – it does make the world go round it seems, even “The World!”


  2. Chris says:

    Progress indeed, just a matter of time now. :-). Keep your head up and keep doing what you do as well 😉


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