Very Slow But Steady I Will Be..

Today was another day looking up. Not so much pain. But I am not getting the sleep I feel I need. I am hoping after my appointment I am hoping for amazing night of sleep.
Today food wise was great. I made my numbers, used 4 so I could have cake in a cup. I am using the WW online. Found a couple groups that like Disney races. I am hoping in the next three months I can go back to the meetings. This is super easy to use.i have it all set up for reminders and everything. My 5% goal is 186.
This evening E and I went for a walk. I timed it. As always.
It was nice to be outside. It was nice to hold E’s hand. We haven’t done that in a while cause I felt like I was being pulled apart. That was really really nice. So map my run says I walked in 22.25 .56 of a mile. Burned 50 calories,pace 40.15. As of this moment I am packed in ice. Lying in neutral position. Mr.Boogie had to pee on every trash can. Even though he was peed funny.

What have I learned from this injury.
Do not take everyday simple things for granted. Like sitting on our bum,or lying on your back. I haven’t done that in 3 months this week. Holding hands. Yes, the awful painful pulling apart feeling keep me from holding E’s hand. Sleep. I miss a good nights sleep. I can’t wait to get some real sleep. I am up and down, every three to four hours. Walking. I am so glad I am able to walk,even if it is a shuffle. I can understand how my life has changed over a slip and twist. Travel. I missed out on a lot of activities. Two marching band parades, holiday concert. Going to the store. WDW marathon weekend..being able to volunteer,i had to step down. 😦 Life changing . ( I was seriously looking into a wheel chair for racing)
So things are going to be extremely slow, can take up to another 6 months. With proper body mechanics and lot more PT, I should be back to walking my race speed. My goal is 2012 the Tower of Terror 10 miler. Ten months away. That original race kick my ass. I need to revisit it.
Short term goal. Cheer Jonathan on at the Princess half in Feb. even if I have to use pto to go.
I don’t think duathlons or triathlons will be in my future for this season. He didn’t say I could get on my bike anytime soon.
I think my little black rain cloud is fading, I have to let go to move forward.
Got a weigh in Saturday morning. Boots to asses as The Rock tweets for motivation. I even have the shirt. My talking Mickey is gonna have one soon. When I can Mickey will be hitting the pavement again. Duffy Bear is too!

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4 Responses to Very Slow But Steady I Will Be..

  1. MikeF. says:

    Now there is a positive attitude you need to have. Always keep it that way. Trust me it will help you get through any low you may encounter. Keep moving forward!


  2. Gina says:

    So glad to hear that things are looking up. Any positive is a step in the right direction. Keep up finding the positives.

    I’m working WW online as well. I will have to go back into the boards and look for the groups you mentioned. I haven’t been there in a long time.


  3. wdwalone says:

    Hey, what am I chopped liver? I’ll be at the Princess Half too :)! I will also be doing the Tower of Terror 10 Miler – so excited for this one, should be a lot of fun. I hope the villians are out in full force.

    I haven’t worked out since the full marathon, can’t with all the coughing – tomorrow I have to get some miles in. I feel for you because a week and a half has been killing me, I’m so addicted to moving.

    Glad you got out and got a little time on the feet. Keep it slow and steady and do what you’re told and you’ll be back out there with us for sure.

    I’m glad to hear that you’re moving forward again!!!


  4. Chris says:

    Time to move out of the trough and head up towards that peak again Mrs. Rae! You speak of not forgetting the little things, so here’s the challenge…look at this journey back upward and appreciate the amount of work you put in every day to obtain that goal. Then when you’re back on top, and you will be, you’ll really appreciate it and never take it forgranted. not that you did previously, but more-so now.

    I see “Trying to be a runner”, you know what Yoda says… 😉 Even if you can’t be a runner physically, keep thinking like a runner, be a runner in every other facet of your life…the steps will follow.


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