The Plan…

I got “The Call” yesterday. I am like everyone else dislike waiting. Specially since I have been this way for 11 weeks to the day.

My doctor called me after his office hours. I wish they would have told me they would have told me that and I would have not called and left a message. I was nice. I was still at work, Which was fine with me I still had 3.5 hours left in my 12 hour day.

I have a herniated disc {click herniated disc to go to read more} at L4-L5 possibly. I honestly don’t recall which Lumbar it was I just heard him say herniated disc. Tiny is what the radiologist wrote on the report. Plus the annuls is tore and leaking. The fluid is very inflammatory and is what is causing some of the pain.

This is not my back.

So how do I heal from this?? { never had anything like this} The plan is epidural, with cortisone .Ok Why?? {takes me back to being a kid middle school age when I went through this for arthritis} We have to get the pain under control, so healing can start and then restart PT. Long term out look Doctor will I be able to walk my races again?? 80% of people recover without surgery. {that is not the answer I was looking for let alone an answer}  If I wasn’t at work he would have waited for me at the office and started right then. But he has surgery today. So Monday is when this will start. I am scared . This isn’t all that was on the report. I also have mild degeneration of L4-L5 and S1. These are all the bones in my ass. I remember going to doctors for arthritis when I was a kid. Well that’s what I remember. I would shuffle in the office get these shots and walk out normal. I wasn’t aloud to take PE when I was in school. My grandmother would make me take calcium when I was going up. I wish I had all the paper work for that. She kept it. But my Aunt through all of that stuff out so all we have is what I can remember.

After I got off the phone I was relieved to know what was wrong. Glad it wasn’t a broken bone. {i haven’t broke a bone to date yet} Then I became angry.Why?? Was this caused by the PT lady who hurt me?? I wrote down every question my head was flooded with.  I really do not want to go through surgery. I am going to ask him to put me in a brace. I know this will take longer, but I rather not have surgery on my back.

My floor is opening this coming week. OT will be flying off the handle at me. I want the OT. I need it for WM#28 that is going to be down the street from me.  I can’t travel to Disney… I can go have any fun. 😦 {i know Disney isn’t going any where} I can’t go for walks. I can’t workout and get ready for the new triathlon season. Or any of the races!!! I just want to Goofy just once so I can say I did it!!!  Angry I am… Scared as hell….

This is thanks I get for doing a local race?? My first local half and I get this in return of it!!!  Gee ,I don’t think local races will ever be in my book again. If I can do them anymore!!  😦  I went from being a marathoner, to this!!!

So the one thing I can do, is WW online. I must get the weight the rest of the way off.  WW works for me, and I like how I am kept accountable. And maybe get to do a meeting or 2 a month. I really like them.

Bright side..I am still upright and shuffle walking.

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2 Responses to The Plan…

  1. wdwalone says:

    Okay…I have three co-workers with herniated discs. Two of the three are runners, all three have gone through epidurals and cortisone shots. One did PT and has recovered to the point of walking races again with assurances from the doctor that running will be possible again – this started last year for her. One started out with the shots and started doing P90X – after losing extra weight and building up core strength and muscles, he has also returned to running and rock climbing. The third one walks, golfs and plays softball. All three have to take things a little more carefully than they used to, but it has not stopped any of them from doing what they love after sufficient healing time. All three were in similar positions to you – not comfortable sitting, standing, laying down, etc…You could just see the pain in their faces.

    Don’t give up hope. If you don’t keep your hope you’re going to limit yourself. You may have to change up the way you train a bit, but you’re going to be able to train. Have confidence and ask the questions. If you don’t get the answers you want from this doctor, find another one that understands athletes and how to get an athlete back to where they want to be. There are always options.

    I do agree that you don’t want to do surgery unless absolutely necessary – ask about homeopathic options, accupuncture or whatever else you can try.


  2. Chris says:

    I’m not sure what your calling is, but sure there is some reason that you have to take this journey. But man, I can feel the frustration, and although you alone have to endure the physical aspects of this road to rehab, just know that we are there with you. 🙂


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