Week #9

I hope Christmas was good for everyone. It was nice here. I must say, I miss my son. First Christmas without him. We still ended up with a full table at dinner time. Which was nice, but I miss my son. {he moved out}

Today again PT. I was able to see my therapist .She is a runner. She knows how it is. I made sure I have been seeing her. Or Cindy. If I don’t know them I reschedule. Monday is my  eval. So I asked the dreaded question today. Sigh… Can I travel? Where she asked. Disney marathon weekend.. Ohh..  I was going to wait to say this. But I won’t so it will give me time to except it.

My therapist said in her professional opinion Since I hurt so much from sitting. I still can not lay on my back, or my right side and haven’t had the MRI just yet. I should not travel. My heart sank. 😦 If  I choose to travel, I must stop every 30 minutes to get out of the car and stand up.  I know it is for my own good. I know I want to race again, and have the ability to walk still.  Now on there other hand I feel like I am letting my friends down. Whose gonna be at all the spots and ring the COW BELL!!  Ugh…

I will be missing my first annual trip. I haven’t missed any since we started in 07′.  First time E won’t have a birthday at Disney.  WOW!!

My sacrum bone is tilted a little again. That’s why I have been having more pain. My IT band has been bugging me. Therapist thinks it’s due to me over compensating for my lower back hurting. Since it is all connected to the pelvis. When we can see what is wrong, and correct it. The IT band will calm back down.

Yes I am angry, and yes I am upset with myself. Yes I want to still race later, so I will comply . As much as I rather be there.

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5 Responses to Week #9

  1. Chris says:

    As much as we would love to have you guys there, I’m pretty sure everyone will agree that it’s more important that you rest and don’t set back your rehab. One of those “short term loss = long term gain” deals I think. :-(.

    Rest assured that when I hit the parking lot at Animal Kingdom that I’ll be picturing you and E running over to me with the care kit bag! You gave me the boost last year to finish that Marathon/Goofy, and the vision will help just as much when I pull down a second Marathon PR in 3 months! So believe me, whether you are physically there or not, you’ll still have an impact. 🙂

    Take care of yourself, and glad to hear Christmas was good. Good up here in CT as well.


  2. rae says:

    Thanks Chris. That means alot! Doesn’t mean I can’t sit here and ring that cow bell!!


  3. wdwalone says:

    Hey, we talked about this – you have to take care of you. We will definitely miss you, but really how good would it be for you to be there in pain? You won’t enjoy yourself and you could do yourself more damage – that’s not what any of us want for you. So, stay home and help yourself get all healed up. I know that I’ll totally miss you along the course, but like Chris I’ll have the memory of you and E and Jeff following me through the marathon course and I know it’ll make me smile and push me to keep going!!!!


  4. caballerofan says:

    Sure going to miss seeing you and Eric. But you really have to put your health first here. The last thing you need is to aggravate your injury and cause any further set back. For now get the therapy you need and plan for some future local event. With proper care you can overcome this and hopefully be back in running form by spring.

    Amanda posted that runner tracking is up on the web at http://www.xacte.com/templates/disney/marathon/

    Punch in our last names and you’ll be able to follow along at home. We all know this will be hard for you to miss and we understand that. We will all be thinking of you as much as you will be thinking of us.

    I’m planning to get up early to follow the marathoners on Sunday. I’ll pack an extra Cowbell to ring for you!

    Get healthy my friend.


    • rae says:

      Thanks Amanda. I know we have. It is really different when it actually comes down to hearing it.
      Jeff, thanks. I having been following everything they want me to do. It just really hurts that I went from being able to walk so fast and normal to barely shuffling to get across the house.
      Like right now I have a big bag of ice on my lower back,I am on my stomach, with a pillow just under my hips to keep me in a neutral position. ( it’s actually on my butt)
      I will ring my cow bell Friday morning. Enjoy that 5k, run to each character stop.


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