Here we are. It’s almost Christmas. Guess what! It is going to be 80 here on Christmas. That’s what they are saying today. We would rather be chilly.

Physical Therapy update:   Good News:  My sacrum bone is almost in place, my hips and SI joints are almost back in alignment. This is progress.  Bad News: I am still in major pain, I can only shuffle to walk. I can not sit on my as_, or lay on my back to painful. So PT said I need to get an MRI. 8 weeks this week. Why? You may have a ripped ligament, torn tendon, or both. Or a stress fracture. WHAT!!! If I have a fracture they can tell if it was caused last week when that Therapist hurt me. I even have a bruise on my as_!! I am hoping I know the mri tech. They will give me a heads up if I do.

Saw my doctor yesterday. He ordered it and I called from his office to schedule the appointment cause I can not wait any longer than I have. I got it for Thursday bright and early cause I have PT. But I will have to wait a week before I get the results!!  The Doc said he would call me. I left my house at 8am and didn’t get back till 6pm. I still can’t travel. 😦  I know I won’t pass my eval. that is the week of Marathon weekend. 😦

I am requesting all of you to send me your bib numbers. Please..  I am doing my best to see  the goal in Jan. Just to be able to travel to see everyone. Lately that just doesn’t seem so easy :(. It makes me so MAD that my first local Half marathon and I get injured. I had E put my bike away so I didn’t have to look at it. It is bad enough I have to stare at the dreadmill. I dust it off, turn it on, to make sure it still works. I use to do 13.3 minute miles and I can’t barely get to my bathroom!!!! I have to use the elevator at work!!! I can barely walk up the employee entrance{incline and decline}!!! WHAT THE FRUIT!!

I have been off on counting my points. I have been stressing out. So has E. I did drop a pound and a half from last week when my left side was swollen. Still hanging on to some of it. Still slightly swollen. I am on twitter alot since That is pretty much all I can do. @RKH500 . That’s me.

I am very angry and upset. I have been doing EVERYTHING they have told me to do!! I just need more sleep. I do not get alot cause I can’t lay down on my stomach very long. My left side I can’t even get on it. Rae, how do you work?? I just do. I have too. I make it work. Now my floor is closed, due to holiday, I do not know how I am going to do. The band booster parents have been great. I have not been able to do anything with the band now for a month and one week.  It has been hard and I do not know what I am going to do. Krazy thing is I look like nothing is wrong.

So if you need a reason to keep going , run your next race think of me.

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4 Responses to Angry…

  1. Mike Greene says:

    Sorry to hear that. Be careful with PTs, I’ve had some bad ones in the past.


  2. wdwalone says:

    Sadly, that is my opinion of PT – there are some good ones, but most of them cause more damage than they solve. It’s very difficult to know if you have a good one or not. I hope you get some new from the MRI – at least maybe it will help pinpoint what the problem is.

    I hope you can find some relief as I know how miserable that can be.

    Watch your food intake as much as you can – easy for me to say, not so easy to do :).

    Bib Number for Goofy Challenge is – 26738


  3. Chris says:

    Man Rae, I hate to hear how down you are….You’ve always been such a positive influence and inspiration to all of us! Of course, I know that person is still in there despite the challenges you’re facing. 🙂 Just seems really weird how nothing seems to improve the issues. Maybe the other guys are right and the PT advice is partly the issue. Not sure as I’ve only had to do PT once, after a car accident years ago. It did feel like torture back then though…

    Bibs – Chris Marathon (1085); Lorraine Half (31948). I’m going to jog the 5k with my daughter, but thinking they don’t do tracking for the 5k, right? Should be interesting…

    Keep your head up, it’s just another building block to your mental toughness in your life’s journey of training.


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