Cabin Fever…

I have been looking for a picture or even a video to explain what is wrong with my back. I found a video that explains it pretty good.

Yesterday was my second trip to PT. My sacral bone was turn side ways. The right side was poking up . That explains why I was having so much pain Thursday day evening and Friday. I was having a hard time walking. I was told not to sit side ways or cross my legs. I have to sit right. That is super hard to do. If not I have to stand or lay down. All these actions have been really close to unbearable the last few days. I was thinking of trying a neck pillow to sit on. E found one. It helps a little to sit on. I put the opening in tha back to take the pressure off of my butt.  Then Last night I ventured out and we found one that is inflatable. It works great!!! Cool part is it is the same color as my car. So last night was the first time I was able to sit close to normal. It was great!! and still is.

E has been putting out our Christmas decorations and one of my Large Mickey yard blow ups stop working!!  The only place that has any Mickey ones is K-Mart and it is $200.!!

I am so tired of sitting at home. The band started gift wrap today in the mall. I am not allowed to do it. What really sucks is I have to driven everywhere!!  But I know  i must be still to help everything heal right. Asking me to be still is like saying no WDW for you!!

While we were at one store last night{i was needing to get out} I found gloves and bought 2 pairs for marathon weekend. Last  couple years we couldn’t find any!! Then I put them away in my gear for when I am clear to train again.{fingers crossed} I told E if the Doctor allows me to travel to go, I will get the electric cart, so we all can be first in line, or do baby swap!!!  haha! I know I won’t be able to ride but I could get everyone in line first!!  🙂

I hope everyone is doing well, and training safely!!

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1 Response to Cabin Fever…

  1. wdwalone says:

    Glad to hear the pillow helps the sitting. It is miserable when the pain is like that…My Dad’s back was held together with screws as he had several discs disintegrate – four rough surgeries and he was never without pain for about 30 years, not to mention the other problems the surgeries caused. I truly hope that your problem will correct on its own.


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