Pain Is Here! Happy Turkey Day

I am so excited to able to be off and enjoy holiday tomorrow. I usually get stuck working holidays. This will be a nice change.
I am Thankful to have my job. Without it I could not do all the things I like to do. I like what I do.  I am Thankful for my family. Without them who knows what I would have been doing. I am Thankful for every single day I wake up.
Thanksgiving has many meanings to everyone.

Now my back, that runs down into my butt. I still have pain. Like right now, I am standing and typing. Some days sitting isn’t an option. Rae what’s wrong, why do you have so much pain? I have to see a specialist. To see what else is going on. Long distance is out of the question for now. Yeah so I will not be racing in Jan.2012. Not even sure if I can travel that far. Just driving or riding in the car causes the most pain. It makes work rough. I am hoping to still make it up there so we can see everyone. But that looks grim. 
I can’t walk inclines at all. It’s really not fun. I am just hoping that this doesn’t end my races.
Who ever thought a pain in my ass would stop my world??

12/3 going to be going to wrestling. We got some amazing seats! At least I can stand the entire time!!! 
Have a Happy Thanksgiving, and safe travels!

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1 Response to Pain Is Here! Happy Turkey Day

  1. wdwalone says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Wonder if you have a bulging disc in your back – my friend has gone through several series of epidurals and after six – seven months can finally sit without pain. Not fun at all, and I hope that’s not what you’re dealing with.


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