Still on The Sideline

It’s been a week and three days. Still on the side lines. The couple days I have been in a fog. Some of these meds. are really really strong and I have pretty much slept the last couple days away. I had one muscle relaxer and WOW!!  I can stand straight today. Pain still there.

My training is suffering big time.  I am having second thoughts on Jan. We are signed up for a turkey trot. Gee not so sure that ‘s a good idea either. Miami Man Half Ironman is tomorrow. I can’t go… sigh..:(  I can not believe I have been grounded again from injury or illness twice in one year.  E is going to try to glue my shoe that was torn during the the half. I would hate to have to by new shoes after just opening these.

What a year..

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4 Responses to Still on The Sideline

  1. caballerofan says:

    “What a year…” Yep your going through a rough patch at the moment but today does not define your “whole” year. This year you have faced your goals with renewed determination and can certainly hold your head up high for that. Besides the year is not over yet.

    Carp ah Carp mmm ok try again. Crap happens. (my spelling seems to be suffering today) Yes thats it Crap not carp happens from time to time. Sometimes you see it coming and other times it hits the fan and there is just no way to avoid it. (which of course sucks and can be rather messy)

    Marathon weekend is still 7 weeks away and if you can get back to feeling decent you should still be able to step up to the starting line in January and give it all that you can. Big plus is that the course is familiar and you already know what to expect.

    I can’t recall how far your Turkey Trot is. If its a 5K I would say go for it if you feel good. If its a greater distance than that I would recommend you reconsider. Only because (and I’m making an assumption here) you would prefer to run at Disney and not risk injury prior to it.

    Hope you are feeling back to yourself again soon. Remember the Disney Princesses are counting on you!!!


  2. Richard says:

    Wow! This is a tough one, but not one you can’t overcome. Rest up and get healthy and you may find yourself better than before you started feeling bad. I agree that Disney is far enough away to be doable on your schedule.
    Rest up and we’ll be seeing you in a couple months!


  3. wdwalone says:

    Take a deep breath and remember that you are strong and you’ll get through this too. You’ve shown so much mental strength with everything you’ve dealt with this year. Listen to the doctors now and I have no doubt that you’ll be able to enjoy January.

    As for the Turkey Trot – don’t make a decision yet. You’ll be able to decide closer to the race and if it’s too much save yourself for January. If you feel good, go for it.

    Remember, you have support and we’re here if you need it. Just give a shout. Really want to see you healthy and happy in January!!!


  4. rae says:

    Thanks alot!! I just hate to have to be still any longer than this. I was down for 4 months at the beginning of the year. I have been rather still and I seem to be doing better. Less on the bum better it feels. Still not so sure about the turkey trot. But we will see.
    My bum hasn’t been like this since my kid was born.
    Thanks again!! 🙂


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