Day After

Yesterday’s half marathon was not the greatest.

This medal was the hardest one that I have earned. There wasn’t as many runners as I was expecting to see at the start line. Wait let me go back a little more. We got to the race area site, around 6am. We had to drive around to find parking since none of it was marked. Then when we found parking, we had to have a vehicle moved by 11am. Then we had to wonder around to find the shuttle bus to the race site. Nothing was marked.The shuttle bus finally left and dropped us all off just in time for the start. I mean just in time.

We crossed the start line at 2 minutes after the start. I had the map my run on a 30 second timer and it worked without an issue. When made it to mile marker one at 13:31. Map my run said .83 miles. We held steady at this pace. Then we slowed to a 14 something pace. Maintained that for quite some time. The plan was to speed up towards the end of the race. We were on target for a just under 3 hour finish. The sun came up as we were headed east. Thank goodness for the cloud cover. Then we had made a turn and started to head north. This is were things started to go wrong. We had went out back on a road that was freshly mopped asphalt. Yep, I started to have breathing problems. We were on that for about a half mile. Turned and headed out on the beach front. South Beach actually. It was ok. I was able to recover and got my pace back up to the 14 pace. Caught back up with E. Then the no passing zones came up. The path became narrow. So narrow the on coming runners we were rubbing shoulders. Then We hit a bad spot. Rounded a corner, there is a runner down out cold. Other runners there some guy with a radio didn’t know what to  do. As we came up I yelled roll him on his side. He was in the bushes. It took everything I had not to stop. We had already lost time. No medics around. I was so angry. The medical tent consist of one medic standing there. 15 minutes later we finally hear sirens.

Then we come up on the board walk. They said if wet it will be very slippery. They failed to say the next 6 miles was all board walk. Slippery wasn’t the word for it. Should have said watch out for black ice!! Here I ended slowing down to a leisure walk and my left leg twisted out. It hurt alot. So much so I thought I twisted my knee. I could not extend my leg all the way out . I could not keep up any more.  E was doing great. He tried to keep the pace up so I would catch up. I just could not. I was in pain. But I kept going. Why?? There was no medics around.  During all of this I have people calling me about the band car wash. I could not answer my phone. I made sure everyone knew we were not available till after 12p. Then mile 10 on map my run wasn’t matching with the mile markers at all. We were at 10.5 by the mile markers. We made it off of the board walk. I had to stop several times. Pain. So much so my shoulders had started to hurt. The last mile marker we saw was 11.

My phone was dead. We came out of the no passing zone area back out on South Beach. I was looking for the car so I could go home. I was done. I was upset. Grant it South Beach, the view of the water was pretty. The old buildings redone to look like abstract art was neat. Homeless people every where. Yep the park was full of them. I am not knocking them. Just noticed there was a large number out and about. Coming back through were you can see Ocean drive the park was full. People everywhere and the race markers are now gone. We were not the only ones left but no signs, no markers. Nothing. We were at 3 hours. We got lost. Finish line was to close at 11am. I was so mad, in pain I was headed to the car. E said no let’s keep going. I pulled the race chip off my shoe, took off my race number. I had enough. E had found some race markers. So we followed them. Went in to another park, and headed up. I am looking at him going this is really going to hurt. Really slow, I made it. It was a neat view that is when we realized we had just went in to the park we went around earlier in the morning. Now I had to go back down..ugh… Found the course. They were closing the water stop up. E asked where to go, they pointed it out, said we still had time. Really we did. The guy that loaded up the water stop came back out to us said they were waiting on us to come in. I was in so much pain it was hard to smile. E just kept up all the nice kind words and I just kept plugging along.  We finally saw the finish line. The kids{volunteers} started yelling and clapping and some other people came out. The girls wanted to run in with us. There was no running for me.They understood still walked in with us and we got our medals. Some guy said smile. I said I can’t to much pain from slipping. We were handed cold drinks and we just kept right on walking to the car. It was 10:30am. Even with all the issues I guess we had a good time. Not so sure. The timing chip never worked. So we crossed at 7:02am and made it to the car at 10:30am . I would just say 3.5 hours.

After we got in the car E’s tendon was acting up so bad he was in tears. It made him flex his foot. So no more distances for him until we can find a sports medicine doctor his insurance will cover. After we got home. I found my new shorts rubbed on the back of my leg. My knee wasn’t what was injured when I slipped on the board walk it was my IT band. Yep It was so tight I could not straighten out my leg, or put any pressure on it. I got the little would roller out and I rolled it. It hurt like you know what, but today is better.  I feel like I was beat up. My upper body is sore. I guess I was tense from slipping. I am going to heal up for a couple days. Then hit my 6 milers hard. and get back into my weekly long distance. I have the Donald to do in Jan. I can not have epic fail there!!

So now we are not so sure E will be coming. I do not think he will be racing this Jan.2012.  And no I didn’t make to Ironman Miami. I am just super sore.

And look who is going to be on wrestling Monday!! hahaha Love it!! Watch Kermit towards the end of the commercial!!

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1 Response to Day After

  1. wdwalone says:

    I was watching the tweets and noticed they stopped at 10 miles…Then I checked the web site results and I couldn’t find you anywhere. I was wondering what had happened. I’m sorry you had such a rough time. Take a few days to get over the soreness and then get back at and ready for January. You’ll appreciate January even more now that you’ve done this one.


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