T Minus 2 Days and Counting..

Here we are down to the wire for the race.

Excited. Feel like I am cheating on my Disney races. We haven’t done one locally  yet so we will see how it goes. When you look at the “map” it looks like we will be island hoping. Suppose to be flat. There is no track my runner. I asked. So I set up my Map my run to tweet my one mile splits. It will show up on FB as well. That means I will be live. E will be there. So what ever it tweets is what he is doing too. Race starts at 7am. It starts at Parrot Jungle. We will park at the finish and bus over to the start. There is no wheelchairs in this race. They say the route is to narrow. They even have no run passing zones. Really??

Last week was really rough. I took the rest of the weekend off from miles. This week has been better. I had to reset my map my run.It  kept saying I was walking at 9 minute mile. ME?? I have changed my Half marathon costume again. I will post it Saturday. 🙂

Miami Ironman is this Sunday. I forgot all about it. I got the volunteer e-mail yesterday. I can’t wait. Gonna be out on the course it says. I have to look and see what pros are going to be there. How cool!!! I hope this year will be better than last year.



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2 Responses to T Minus 2 Days and Counting..

  1. wdwalone says:

    Good luck on the race. It sounds like an interesting course – no passing zones?

    Can’t wait to see your costume!


  2. caballerofan says:

    Glad you mentioned the FB notifications. I was looking over the event site and was surprised when I could not find track my runner. Wicked cool looking medal and shirt. I will launch FB on race day and hopefully will be able to track you guys. Have fun!


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