Can’t Breathe..

Remember I said it was raining. Well it didn’t stop for three days. During those three days I could not breathe. Heck I couldn’t hardly talk. The weather was playing on me so bad I was really worried. I have never done that before. Walking to the kitchen was hard. It makes me think how much of these inhalers are good for me?? Yes I can breathe doing miles and I do not have tingling hands and feet and nose. I do not sound like a train coming down the street. In turn every time it rains it knocks me down, or if it gets super humid I crumble. I have never ever done any of this before I started the inhalers. They were talking were I work that I made need a round of steroids to calm the inflammation down. Oh I do not think so. That is the last thing I want in my body. I have alternative meds I can use for that. Works great. I am feeling better.{all natural }  Down side of this week is that I have not been able to get my miles up. 😦

The half is a week away from tomorrow. I am so freaked out now that all my hard work is going to go down the drain.  It is in the 60’s here since all of this. it warms up and it’s nice and cool in the evenings and early mornings. I have been doing 100% better. But I am still a touch off.{breathing wise}  So I am going to try  out my lungs here on the dreadmill since I am here alone that way if I have issues I can just stop. Plus I didn’t realize I scheduled myself to work all weekend!!! So no long run!!! Can’t believe I did that to myself.

Plus the marching band is going to FBA Saturday. I will be at work. They get to play in round to in the evening. I could make it and come home late with them. Then I have to weigh in no run, and late night and get up early. The late night and go to work no big deal. But I can’t get a run in if I just go. Maybe I will just come home get my run in then wait and help then unload and stuff when they get back from FBA. I so mad at myself for scheduling myself like this. But what can I do. At least I get paid more for weekends. {the up side}

I was listening to Sorcerer Radio on my way home last night. My Disney fix. It is an app.!! They were reading off updates for Disney. The new resort will be opening in May 2012. Part of the New Fantasyland Will be opening in Jan. while we all are there!! The train station, and a few of the new attractions. It was so much info. I just can’t remember it all. I can not wait to go. I know it’s gonna be chilly.. maybe even down right cold. Maybe even warm. I can not wait!!!! This will be my reward to myself for all my hard work!!! E too. He won’t have a birthday there this year.  Hmm… what to do…

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3 Responses to Can’t Breathe..

  1. Richard says:

    Not good on the breathing difficulties, I sure hope you get that locked down better soon. I am also looking forward to this Disney trip big-time, though I did not know part of the new Fantasyland was opening that soon!

    Did you see my tweet on my newest race entry for next May? I will post it on my blog soon.


  2. wdwalone says:

    Hope the breathing eases up and you can the miles back up where you want and need them to be. That’s too bad that you’re having these issues, but you’ll power through.

    Work – can’t live with it, can’t live without it! Trust me I understand that one :)!

    I cannot wait for January. I am getting so excited. It’s not that far off now and I am looking forward to the Dopey Challenge – even though I’m pretty sure I’ll be walking a lot with this knee. That’s okay though because I’ll still be out there doing it!


  3. Chris says:

    Well, I can relate on the breathing front. I rely on the albuterol inhaler more than I’d like to, but based on the data it’s pretty safe. It’s the steroids that do the damage long term. I’m very similar with the humidity as well, lungs are completely worthless when it gets up over the 50-60% range. That’s why my summer running speeds are low, just can’t train to pace with the humidity, but work through it best I can. One of these days I’m going to get to the allergist as I have a feeling a lot of the regular inflammation is due to something I regularly eat or the like. I’ve read slot of success stories based on that premise, but who knows!?! Just gotta keep on, keepin on!

    A half in a couple of weeks? Well, all you can do is your best, so give it what you got and build on that for January! Can’t believe it’s only a couple months away!


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