Moving Right Along

Is this a great photo?? I saw this on Facebook last night and I just had to copy it.

I have up the mileage this week. So far I am at 17.68.  Last night I did 2.54 miles and this morning I did 6 miles. The weird thing about this mornings miles is that the Map my Run has me at Just under an hour for 6 miles. Scratching head with confused look. It even says my pace was 10:00. But I left my house at 7:30a and it says I started at 8:30a. Weird. My first mile was 14:04. Sounds right for me . It was very humid this morning.  I should have been closer to an hour fifteen.  Weird.

Well I have been freed up for Marathon weekend. Looks like the half marathon is all I am going to get to do. 🙂 Fine by me!!!  Looks like E might be wanting to give it a go to since all the sudden his tendonitis and foot has been behaving. And it will be weekend only trip. I KNOW!!! But we will be there and we will get to see everyone!!!!   Specially Ironman Texas who kept me on pins and needles at the last 45 minutes of the race!!!  I will not forget that night!! We were at Disney and I lost signal on a ride and I about came up out of the pirate boat because of that!!!  SO intense!!  I owe you a Dole Whip!!

   It would be so Nice to be there right now!!!  Wouldn’t it?


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3 Responses to Moving Right Along

  1. Richard says:

    Looking forwward to that Dole Whip, too! I just made our reservations for January. Unfortunately, we will only be there for an extended weekend (late Thursday through Monday afternoon) 😦 but we Will be there!


  2. wdwalone says:

    Yes, I’d like to be there right now. Have you registered yet? Can’t wait to see you guys again – it’s been way too long!


  3. Chris says:

    The key piece being that you will be there! It’ll be great to see y’all and chat it up. 🙂


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