Rae Is Here..

I have to make this quick. I got up late. Asthma is kicking my ass this morning. Why today.. I have alot to do in a very short time. So I am drinking my coffee and getting it done.

Tonight the Band gets to finally play and perform at half time tonight. Then music fest. on Saturday. My days off have turned in to a another job. I really like it. I feel good about it even when I make a mistake since I am very new to my spot. I am paying it forward to the band parents who did it for me.

Interval front. I am getting  miles in but only in very short distance.  I will not be ironman this year. Just can’t. budget it.. But here we are ending a month. Just that closer to Jan. Marathon weekend. I have a half marathon coming up 10/29/11. {some of the band kids want to go with me and Gnat} Never done one outside of Disney. Feel like I am cheating on my second home!!

I did get on the scale. I swear I was dreaming. It said 190. I had to go get E and make him read it too. HE agreed it was reading 190. I am so happy about that. I have been very bad and after many years of no soda I have rediscovered Pepsi throw back. Damn close to what I remember having when I was a kid. They are 4 points and some times I have that instead of a sweet. AND….. I can have a half of a hamburger!!! YES!!! I am so proud of my stomach!! My allergist said to try it and if I can’t well I can’t.  I also tried beef brisket. yummy!!! And it liked me too. It’s been a couple weeks. I am leaving it as a treat not a daily staple.

And Bryan and Amy Congratulations on your new addition. What a cutie!! You are now forever changed with the gift of child.

That’s all I can divulge for now. I will try to up date more. I know my miles were not great but I got them in. Where can I find me a interval timer everyone is using?? My garmin has said it’s last beep.

My favorite holiday is coming up!!! WOOO!! I will be ,”THE CHAMP IS HERE”  for halloween. Even though I work. And E is going to be ,”CAN YOU SMELLLLL….” 🙂 trying to get Gnat to be ,”THAT’S THE BOTTOM LINE”…


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  1. wdwalone says:

    My Garmin has pretty much bit the dust as well. I purchased my interval timer from jeffgalloway.com, but the maker is Gymboss so you might be able to find it cheaper elsewhere. I like it because I can turn off the beeps and use it in vibrate mode – less disturbing to everyone around me. I also like to use it with my Garmin because it keeps my splits visible, but since my Garmin is not holding a charge any more I’ve been using Run Keeper again and that’s working pretty well – except I like Garmin’s calories and heart rate features better.

    Awesome job on the weight – that’s great! Glad to hear that beef is starting to be an option again too, very cool. Lean beef is a good source of protein.


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