Nothing Amazing Here

I don’t have anything super-fantastic to talk about. I wasn’t even going to post.

I wasn’t feeling well at my last post. Then BAM!!! I was sick. I woke up last Saturday with a nasty sore throat and felt awful. I called work and said I am not making it in. For some odd reason I didn’t check  my temp till hours later. I was up to 101.5!! Glad I didn’t go in. I wasn’t eating, and just sat on the couch like a lump.  That is where you could find me.  all I could think about is here I go again being sick. {Haven’t been sick in 3 full months}  My ears were plugged up, left ear was hurting like you know what.  I did the sinus clean out rinse I was told to do 2 a day. I have to say, the pressure om my ears was eased up. Now I have to decide if I am going to stay home again. All through this every 6 hours I am using my inhaler to calm the tightness from the asthma. This was my weekend to work. sigh.. If my floor was open it would have been easier to sit there and be slow and tolerate the day, but I don’t know the people I would have been working with, so I called in again.  Sunday I had no temp.,ears were a touch better, lungs still kicking my backside. But I was better.

Monday moving around and I was hungry as all get out. Still the lungs are kicking me but not as much. So far today, it my damn head again. Lungs seem to be ok. We will see as the day goes. I know I should not train until it is clear. It has almost been a week. I am so torn to get out the door. Fear of getting stuck for months of nothing again. Not now!!

I made a harsh decision for this year. No half Ironman. I KNOW!! Budget, budget, budget. So half marathon in October. I hope the course isn’t boring.{it won’t compare to WDW}. I am still torn with Marathon weekend. E has been having a time with that tendon, I fear he will not race this time either. E will be the deciding factor what race I can do. I might be headed back to WW, depending if the parents at the parent meeting vote in a later time to start the meeting. I do hope so. I miss the WW meetings.

I haven’t ran a meeting before. I did the itinerary, and I worked on my section to speak. I have handouts for parents. I want them to get excited about what their kids are doing.  I have learned so much in the last month. As a parent who has been upset with things I am trying to fix it. I know I will not make everyone happy. I am going to put it all out there like I do in a race. I know everyone has a schedule. I even know how hard it is to balance one at work ,at home and training. I can relate!

I have Disney Marathon weekend set in my sights. I can barely see the twinkle of the light. That means it is getting closer. I am so behind in miles. Goofy is sitting here laughing. If I didn’t love Goofy so much I would remove his head from his fuzzy stuffed body. But I know the only way to beat Goofy is crossing that finish line.

I can’t wait to smell Main Street. Smell the bakery baking the cinnamon buns, fresh coffee. The sounds of Main Street. That awesome feeling you get when you are coming up on Cinderella’s castle and the trumpets are trumpeting. Almost seems like they knew you were coming, and you just ran through the Castle!!  What an amazing feeling. Then on over through Frontier land. All the great wonderful things to see and feel. You can feel the electric in the air! And upon leaving the park, there are still more characters along the way!! Back out on World Drive, the high school marching bands are playing and cheering. For some reason it seems so much longer going back to Epcot than leaving going to the Magic Kingdom. The next great moment for me is coming in to Epcot. You are tired and do not want to go on. But you do, why?? Cause you can hear the finish line, the people cheering, and the music. And there is Space ship Earth!! For some reason all the sudden you get this enormous burst of energy and You know you do not want to burn out, but you can’t help it. You try to hold back from running full speed, cause you know it is still a ways to go. Not another bridge!! TheY breed these things here to make your legs hurt!!  I see the entrance to Epcot. I have climb the last bridge. Headed in. The cheering and knowing you have made it to mile 12 and headed to the turn around to go under Spaceship earth is exciting!!  Winding through, gosh how much more to go…then you see and hear the choir! Then there it is MILE MARKER 13. Big a day and all you can do is say to someone PLEASE TAKE MY PICTURE!!  They do, and one last turn and there is everyone waiting to you and the others to cross that finish line. Wait, one more turn and then the all mighty finish line!! Mickey ,Chip and Dale, Donald are out the waving you in and you see your family cheering you in and the over whelming feeling of I DID IT !!  High five Dale and up go the arms and you cross the mat  ,hear the chip chirping and you FINISH!!!  What an amazing feeling. And your legs remind you they are sore. You hobble over get you medal from a wonderful smiling volunteer . At this point you don’t care if you’re bumped by other runners. When you finally make it to your family. The feeling of self accomplishment reminds you all that hard work was ever so worth it.!!{walked every step} Now let’s ride Soarin Stinky!!

This is what drives me to do the races at Disney.I Live for that feeling. And it is coming soon!

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2 Responses to Nothing Amazing Here

  1. wdwalone says:

    Okay – first off…Please don’t rip Goofy’s head off. Oh man, that made me laugh so loud when I read that. Too funny!

    I hope you’re feeling better and can get back to training and putting those miles in.

    Sorry you aren’t going to be able to do the half ironman this year, but it’ll be even sweeter when you do get to do it. Take the frustration of not getting to do that race and pour it in to training for the races you do have coming up.

    Good luck with the parents and your meeting. I’m sure you’re going to do great. You’re right, you’ll never make everyone happy, but if you listen and do what you can that will go a long way to appeasing people and helping them even if it isn’t ideal.

    Goofy is not laughing at you…He’s smiling because he knows you can do it and he is taunting you just a little bit, smirking a little to remind you that you need to train. After you cross that finish line and have that awesome medal around your neck then he’ll be laughing with you, because he doesn’t mind that you kicked his butt, in fact he wants you to kick his butt.

    I know exactly what you mean about the feeling of finishing these races. While I don’t have people waiting for me at the finish line, I always know there will be a character there to high five. I also know that I will see a happy volunteer with medals and one of those awesome medals will go around my neck and be such a source of pride and accomplishment. Excellent description of the race and the feelings they can invoke!

    Keep moving, visualizing and training!


  2. Chris says:

    I’m with Amanda, had to laugh at the decapitation of Goofy comment!

    Look, I hear ya, it would be nice to do the half-Iron and such, but life gets in the way from time to time. it’s definitely better to wait and go for it when you’re ready mentally, physically, etc. We all know you’re going to do it, just a matter of time. 🙂

    Don’t push it till you KNOW your lungs are clear! I made that mistake constantly and end up fighting the breathing for up to two more weeks than if I let it run it’s course. If you do go out, just go slow and listen to your lungs..shut it down it there is a hint of issue. Now, if I could only live my own advice! Luckily, I haven’t had to deal with it in about a year……yes, last year in October and the previous year in October….why is that important? Well…I’ve got Hartford Marathon in October, so yeah, I’m freaking out a little…pumping up the vitamins and such…crossing my fingers…or as Hulk would say “say your prayers and eat your vitamins and you’ll grow up to be big Hulkamaniacs!”


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