I Have To Iron Things Out..

I have some news:

I have had to step back and take a look at the races I want to do. I really, really want to do.  But If ya look Goofy Challenge is as much as a car payment for me.

SO, E and I were talking, and I really want to Goofy, But we both wanna do the half. Want that new medal! But E is still fighting with the tendonitis. He has his shoes. We are seeing if he can go get some PT done.

I am trying to get registered next week for the Half ironman. I have to wait til payday. { fingers crossed it doesn’t sell out by next Wednesday} Now if I register for that race, I will not be able to do any of the sprint races for the rest of the season.If I cut out the sprint races, I can register for Goofy and E can for the Donald. {10% pay cut was dealt out}

The training group has been doing the rides lately on all the days I work! Ugh!! Like this Saturday is 45 mile ride, with a run!! I am 25 miles behind in bike miles per day for the steady daily 40!

I see that the registration for the Races has slowed down so it will be easy for me to register.

Looks like I will be missing the Steeda Stampede this year. The kids have a car wash same day. The stampede is from 8-11:30a. Car wash starts at 10a. Hot Wheels day is that Saturday too. For some reason I thought the Stampede was October 17th.  I am hoping to recruit a couple parents to start the morning for me and I can get there late, but it looks grim right now.

I am battling the sinusitis last few days and today it is kicking my head. I have to head over to the band room and listen to the tv is killing my ears. I can imagine the band playing is going to knock me out. If it gets worse, I have to go to my allergist. I am not suppose to take anything penicillin based. Found out I have a nasty allergy to it. I have been taking it all my life. I would always become extremely ill to. I sure do not want to get super sick again. I don’t want to miss work either.

I am hoping that it clears up a bit I am do for a 6 miler today. I was suppose to yesterday after work.

WW next week!!

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2 Responses to I Have To Iron Things Out..

  1. Chris says:

    Race fee’s ARE ridiculous, aren’t they? Yeesh! Especially on those Tri events! Maybe list them out and do a prioritization that matches with your overall goals for the year and then just cut down based on the funds available? Just a thought, but sure you’ll find the solution that works for ya. 😉

    Keep chuggin’ forward and let the rest sort itself out! (BTW – Leg is feeling about 50% better today after the rest and ice…might bike instead of run later on to give it one more day off the pavement and then try it back out tomorrow).


  2. wdwalone says:

    Yes, race fees are ridiculous. I try to spread them out as much as possible so it’s not such a shock to the budget.

    Make a list, figure out what will and won’t work, then make a commitment. Once you have things scheduled and on the calendar you’ll get your mojo back and keep up with your training!

    Good luck making choices!


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