Quiet Day…

Here I am sitting at home, instead of being in the duathlon this morning. They changed up how they do registration.Because of that, I did not get to race today. So to still make it in the points I have to do 2 races back to back. I wish they would have sent out an e-mail stating this. I am glad that my friend Cat. called and told me cause I would have been up this morning ready to go and been seriously let down after I got there. Oh Well nothing I can do but move on.

I hope everyone is having fun at Disneyland. I see alot of the 5k numbers coming in on FB. I would love to be there with everyone. But I am enjoying reading the race updates.  🙂

Today was the one day I could sleep in and I have been up since 6am. Sigh.. I am enjoying some quiet time to myself, and trying to decide if I want to try to go outside for miles or just do dreadmill hill intervals today. I probably should do the hills. Since I have not done hills in a month. I can hear Izzy now. “Just start today. It’s ok if you gain a few, just start today and give yourself a break. You can do this.” I miss the little pep talks from my trainer. 🙂

Team Voice has a lot of chatter on the e-mails again. Which is cool everyone is getting excited that we are closer to Marathon weekend. It’s the only weekend we all can get together, sometimes in the middle of the year, but for the most part this is our only time we all get to meet up. I can’t wait to see everyone! I think I am suppose to do 13 miles today, not so sure if I am ready for it. I may just dreadmill it. Gee and some of you worrying about getting your 26.2 in just under 4 hours!!! Really…. sighhhh… I am worrying that I will see the sweepers again. Following me like flies, telling me I need to stay in front of the balloon, and the wind chill was cutting through me like a knife. Yes that was in Orlando, the day before we had snow flurries! {2010} Today Ryan Hall is doing a marathon and he is predicted to finish in 1:03!! Yep 26.2 miles..1:03 4:35 minute mile running..

I was gonna get some of the Kona coffee to bring home the last time we were in the World and it was $42 for 12 oz of beans!!! But man… that would have been some awesome coffee. 🙂

Have a great weekend!!

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2 Responses to Quiet Day…

  1. Mike Greene says:

    Ryan’s predicted time should be 2:03, not 1:03!


  2. wdwalone says:

    yeah…marathoners that can finish a full marathon faster than I can do a half – I can’t really even imagine it.

    Keep your chin up and push through the blahs!


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