GoodBye August

August was a really busy month for me. Band camp. The drama, and getting things in order. Again these kids want it!! SO we have to Bring it!!

Training, well took a dive. 6 run/walk miles, and biking didn’t suffer as bad. Resistance never once did I do any. SO I am a month behind on that. It seemed like August just wouldn’t go away.It has been raining here in the late afternoons in to the evenings. When I want to go run. I so dread the dreadmill for 6 miles!! I have to. It is a must.


I may have some bad news..Not sure yet. My friend Catherine and I are looking to do this in Dec. Warrior Dash Looks like fun. I know I am not quite the person to be doing this, but What the fruit it won’t hurt to try!!

The half Ironman has been calling to me.. spin on your bike… run/walk miles, resistance…. I will eat you again!! I can’t not fail for a second time. The first one is killing me with the water. I have even thought I maybe should get swim lessons. I could not even enjoy the water park at Disney!!!

I want to shout out to our Disneyland half marathon runners!! We need bib numbers !! SO we can feel like we are with you!! Good luck on your race, and enjoy DL. I have never been but one of these days… And Amanda …You are inspiring!! She hit her 1000 miles !! WOW!! Click her name and read her amazing post.

So begin.. the resistance and miles and miles!! That means I will be sore everyday again. Looking forward to it!! Bring It!!!

Stand Parents Rule!!!



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1 Response to GoodBye August

  1. wdwalone says:

    You are brave taking on the Warrior Dash – that’s not something that I will be doing anytime soon. I don’t really want to climb rope nets, etc.. :)! I do know a lot of people that do them, there was one here in AZ recently and everyone has fun doing them.

    Get out there and kick up those miles and resistance and everything else that you need to do to kick Half Ironman rear!


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