Goofy Called Me Out / Stand Parents Rule

Well Hi there!!!

Yep it is I the missing in action Team member.

How has training going?? Umm well it hasn’t. Maybe a total of 6 run/walk for the month and about 40 miles on the bike. Skipped this months resistance training. gulp..

Rae what’s going on, this is not like you!! You are right this is not me. I have been so busy with the band, and Boosters, it is taking all my time up.I have to find a way to fit in my training.

How’s WW?? Umm.. We haven’t been this month. Why?? Well… most of the booster activity is on weigh in days and we miss it. TRUST ME, I miss going to the meetings. I do not feel like I have gained or lost anymore.

To end this month, I will get in a slow 6 miles on the Dreadmill, and bike about 20 on the spinner. Today I have to go to bed by 10p. Why?? Because I have to get up and start getting in my steady miles. Start with 4 then up it to 6miles in the wee hours of the am. I have been missing all the training I do. I feel as if I am denying myself my ME time. I think better and handle things better, when I can train. Gonna cycle this Friday with my friend Cathrine at Tradewinds for the next duathlon. I am so not ready for the run part, but I need it to get my points for the year.The race is this Sunday.

Being on the Boosters Board as the President has been hard work. I have learned alot, and we can apply it to Team Voice. Saturday night was the scrimmage game. The band kids were amazing!!! They are kicking butt and taking names!! I like to be in the stands with the kids. I am not big on being in the concession stand. We run that too. I had a blast with the kids. Our football team, was kicking butt too. 13 to 0 and we had started the 3 quarter. Then it started to rain. Woodwinds went under the stands. No biggy. I went down with them and kept them away from the stairwells. Then all the sudden we had a huge crack of lightening and thunder!! Stampede!!!! With the help of security, we were able to get the band away from the stands and separated from the mob crowd. I was last to cross over, making sure we had all the kids. If you did not have on a band shirt you were not getting through. The “others” in the concession were making fun of “US” who like  being in”THE STANDS” getting wet.  That’s ok. We ROCK!!!  WE BRING IT!!!  We Get Wet!!!  🙂 So all the hard work I have been doing pays off. I had a blast with them and I CAN’T WAIT TO DO IT AGAIN!!  On that note, we will not be in the stands much at all. The band can’t go to away games.  That cuts down on half time show practice. I will video them playing and post it. I am so proud.

I will post today”s training, and hold me accountable!!!  And fingers crossed I can get to bed early to get up early. I have to work two 12 hrs shifts.

Goofy has been calling me out. HE has been telling me the half Ironman race in Nov. is going to kick me!!! Also Goofy has been challenging me to a smaller distance challenge.

You’re on Goofy!!! Set the date and all of Team Voice will be there!! Virtual of course!! How’s the distance of 6/10 miler sound??

I need new medals!! The Goofy medal is missing. I told you Goofy has been calling me out. In the mornings he is sitting out the table. Either he is holding my medals, or the weights!! Then times he is just sitting and staring at me. Kinda creepy. I have also noticed Mickey came out of hiding. Now I am just waiting for Donald to move in.




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1 Response to Goofy Called Me Out / Stand Parents Rule

  1. wdwalone says:

    You have to watch them – they will taunt you, laugh at you, yell at you and tell you it’s not possible to get those new medals…You look them in the eye and tell them you can and will get those new medals because you have help and support and people that want you to succeed.

    No more missing you time – it’s important to get your time in, remember your goals and keep working on your fitness. You can and will do it, but you HAVE to do it!

    Sounds like you’re having fun with the band – that’s awesome.


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