What A Ride…

I have been missing in action now for 2 weeks.

Rae, where have you been?? Have you been training?? How was the race last Sunday?? How has the weigh in been??

I have been super busy the last 2 weeks. I was volunteering at my daughters Marching band camp. I was the Vice President of the Booster Board I thought we needed to be at camp making in impact on the kids that we are here supporting them.

Well I had was at work on the first day, and heard about how thew kids lunch was late, and the buzz about this lady who had made the president sore. I met this person, whom I got along with quite well. I had learned alot that one day. I was doing alot of things that needed to be done. That evening was out band camp meeting. Lots of parents came. Let me say we were not ready for this meeting. I wasn’t..  Long story short.. I am now the President.{47 hrs volunteering}

The kids at camp were amazing! I haven’t seen a group work as hard as these kid did. They made an impact on me. I am impressed by the energy these kids have created. I feel that the Board isn’t keeping up with the kids. They have a large goal in front of them. New Orleans Bowl Of Americas. In Jan. Same time as marathon weekend!!! I am torn…They have to work really hard to raise the money. We didn’t get any from the State. At least there is a band. So we have been working. I was there 8-5p with the kids everyday I was not at work. We did lunch for the kids. I almost have all of them fitted to their uniforms. It’s been hard work. Now we have to get ready for next week. We have a game the first week of school. Concession, stands and we need help from parents. It’s like pulling teeth!


How was my race?? I missed it!!! Yes I did!! I over slept!  I was so mad at myself. I am thinking about maybe traveling to get one in. I want to place in points again…{we suppose to go to Disney this weekend for last blast before school}

Weigh ins.. well we missed the last 2. So we have to use our 2 free days. I have not trained. I am 2 weeks behind. I had to work on the 40 mile group ride. I come home and pass out. So I have to catch up.I have a ride this Saturday..ugh..

Oh yeah.. we have a new nurse manager… she’s hands on.. we will see how this will work for time off. Sigh…Plus I am training the new day desk clerk. SO… we will see, she is good. She said we can work our time off. She has certain things she does like I do.

Today is brick training day. So I have to get in a ride and mileage run/walk in. I am suppose to be at 25 daily bike, and 6 miles for run/walk.  That’s my half ironman training distance. Today is 30-45 for Goofy training. I have to try to find away to fit in swimming.. Oh yeah And my resistance training for August is… insane!!! I will post it over in training.

So I think I have updated..

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1 Response to What A Ride…

  1. wdwalone says:

    Take a breath – you sound rattled and stretched a little too thin. Don’t let all the activity wear you out so much that you end up sick, you just got out of there and don’t need to get back to that place.


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