Goof Is On The Loose..

Happy August!!

Let me get my last month review out of the way. July has been the best month for me. My miles are up,biking is up, resistance training is up, weight is down. This has not been my best month for weight loss, but I was able to make the necessary adjustments to continue the weight loss, thanks to the help of my WW leader and my “bring it” attitude.

Run miles 28:01, bike:86.7, weight loss -2.4 NO swim yet

Friday evening I went out and I did run/walk 6.1 miles. At first it was hard to get my breathing on track. Then once I got it, I Got it! I used up 8 minutes waiting at all the major intersections. My time was 1:31 minus 8 minutes 1:23. My best yet. The last mile, I ran into a wall of paint. It instantly took my breathe away, and I started itching. Paint is latex based. I am highly allergic to latex. I had to walk most of the last mile. I was red from the over spray, breathing was awful and I still ran the last 1/4 mile. How on earth I did that I do not know but I did. I felt like I had just got done rolling in the grass itchy. I got in the shower . Still did not go away. I had to take crap to make it go away. I didn’t sleep well cause of it. I still got up and met Cat at her place to ride over to the triathlon group. That was fun. There was to much going on with the swim, cause of red tape so not many got to swim without the life guards freaking out.

SO Cat and I headed out on the bikes. We have been doing 19, so Sunday we did 21.7{22} We were able to maintain a 18-19 mph on the way out. We turned around and got into a head wind that was crazy. I think we were maintaining a 14-15mph. 1:31 was our time. Nevermind the really fast guys went blowing by us at 24-28 mph!! My legs were so tight, and we did a 2 miler run/walk. I asked what to do about the legs. Everyone there said to get a roller and roll the legs. Chris you were right!! Try compression socks.Plus I need to get  my mileage up. I was told I need to be maintaining 20-35 mile bike right now. Even though the race is in November. I have to get my run miles up. 6 miles is s good maintenance, need to be at 8-10 with consistency. One of the ladies is training for the Goofy. 🙂 They plan on being back out there next weekend, I am off so I am going to try to get up there. The guys all raved over my toes being painted. My kid did them. Then someone made the comment that at least I still have my middle toe nail.  The have a rep that is selling the Fleet compression clothes. Expensive, but worth it, if you can afford it. I love Pearl Zumi.

SO with all this info I got yesterday. And I downloaded my new resistance for this month. I am trying to figure in a plan. Plus I was was asked how many road tires have I been through?? Still on original set. You are not spinning enough or riding. I should have been through a set of tires by now. When I am bored I am to spin, when I want to read, spin while reading… Spin when you can’t sleep.

I woke up this morning with  Goofy sitting on the dinning room table with one of my weights!!!  Is he trying to tell me something???

SO with all of this I am taking today as an official day off. My left side is sore. Not sure if it is from the wind hitting me , and pushing on the bike.  When I get it figured out, I will post it. The August resistance is much harder, longer and the treadmill work is harder.

Have a great August 1st!!

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2 Responses to Goof Is On The Loose..

  1. wdwalone says:

    Lots of great stuff there for sure.

    I really like the zensah compression socks I have. They aren’t cheap either, but they have held up really well and I like to say they are a hug for my legs.

    I have a friend that has a lot of trouble with leg tightness and she swears by the stick. You can really put some pressure in to the rolling of the muscles and it helps a lot. Thankfully, I’ve been able to use Yoga poses to stretch any tightness out.

    The tri guy at work uses 6-10 miles as a daily maintenance run distance. He bikes probably 15-20 daily. Then he does his long rides up to 70 miles and long runs up to about 20. Of course, he is at the pool with masters swimming at 5am when training for an upcoming tri as well…Not sure how he fits it all in, but you know you’ll find time if you want it enough :)!

    Keep up this awesome momentum and build up slowly so you don’t end up injured. November isn’t as far away as you think, but you do have time to build smart!


  2. Lisa Fine says:

    I also have a pair of Zensah compression socks, which I love. They’re great during a run, but also excellent for recovery. (And they’re so comfortable too!)

    Your training sounds amazing. I love reading about other people’s progress. (I’m doing the Wine & Dine Half in October.) 🙂


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