Weigh in today. We went to the evening meeting.{i wore my tri clothes since they are the lightest I got} This works regardless of time of day. It works. FINALLY  down -2.4 Loss the gained weight. What did we change?? We have been trying to eat earlier, and I have been carrying my dinner to work to eat there and keeping it light. I yelled FINALLY!! And everyone looked and I just blurted it out I am down!!!  Forgot to take in my medal. Plus I have been resistance training everyday, since last Saturday as well. Sore and all. I just keep on going. And E is -2.8 as well, just shy of his 20 lbs goal.

Today was Goofy training day. So I have started brink training today for Tuesdays. Bike and run/ walk. I got to 6.5 miles on the trainer, and I noticed that my handle bars were straight, and my front wheel was pointing to the left. That’s not suppose to happen. If I didn’t feel so bad this morning I was going to head out for a ride outside, I guess I wasn’t suppose to go. Then  hoped on the ole dreadmill, and did 30 minutes. Breathing was off today. I was able to maintain the 15:00 pace and did 2 miles. Then this evening I did resistance again. I am thinking about resting totally tomorrow.So Thursdays for Goofy training will be hill and sprint days. I don’t have hills here. The Goofy training is working for me with the running but I have to adjust for the rest. So that’s what I am doing.

Thursday I am thinking of possibly going down to the beach and swim from shore to the buoy and back a few times. Get back into the swing of swimming again. Then when it cools here got to get in a gym with a pool. My first tri restart is this Sunday. Year and a half since I have tried to tri. It’s with a group. I am excited. The kid is going to. So I sure can’t mess up with her going again…

SO Rae all this talk of a triathlon, what are you planning ?? Yes I will be planning a triathlon soon, but still need to get 4 more duathlons in for Points. I do plan on the Goofy still.. October a half marathon, and in Nov. the half ironman distance again. WAIT.. What.. yes I am letting the cat out of the bag. Locally ran 70.3, but a duathlon. I have been told by really good resources I will be recovered well enough for Goofy in Jan.

See.. I AM SOOO EXCITED I CAN’T STAND MYSELF!!!!! For the  half it is the Miami halloween half and I am going to run as my favorite wrestler.. not my all time favorites but close cause E is going to be my favorite one!!! Just wait!! You all are going to laugh your butts off!!!

SO there.. Now this is all I am going to say for now.. cause if things go right…I may just go for a second time around 2012. 🙂

Coming for ya Goofy… I am coming for ya!!!


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2 Responses to Down….

  1. wdwalone says:

    First off – congrats on the weight loss!!!! YEAH, I know that feels just awesome and I knew if you stuck with it you’d see good results.

    The Goofy training plan is awesome because you can adjust it to meet your needs and levels. Glad that it’s working for you. I am a true believe after this weekend – so amazed that I was pretty much pain free after doing the Dopey on the treadmill :)!

    Get out there and swim. You’re going to do great and I think having a group will be really helpful for you. Just remember to stay calm.

    I love your plans. If you keep increasing your base up until the 70.3 you’ll be fine for the Goofy, no problem there at all. You have some great races coming up and get registered and make it official so that you have them in sight, that’ll keep you going.

    Can’t wait to see those costumes :)!


  2. Chris says:

    Wow that’s a busy schedule! 70.3 as well, in the words of the great Matt Hotchberg…Outstanding…

    Just as the Goofy ends up for most of us, we do have workouts that aren’t pretty, but we muscle our way through them and build that toughness needed for the Goof. Glad to hear you got the 30 minutes on the dreadmill in despite the setbacks with bike and such.

    CONGRATULATIONS ont the weight loss! I knew you’d break through if you kept to it. 🙂 Just goes to show you that you’ll have good weeks and not so good weeks, but if you stick to it, you’ll eventually get the result you are looking for. Long term thinking!


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