Up and Away…

This week has been a little rough. It started with me having issues with my left calf and foot. Swollen all the time, and painful. Not sure why, but I took my little massage guy and made it hurt so good. Then it was gone.

But the swelling wasn’t going. So I wore my compression socks all the time. Better, but not right. I stayed off my feet much as possible, but I can’t stay still for long. Went riding again. I had my new speedometer and it was zero when we left. When we got back it said 19.0 miles. So 2 weeks ago I did 19 miles. I forgot to take my exercise inhaler, and I did great today. I even kept up with Cat.

This morning was weigh in. We went and weighed in. I am up again. Another .5. This lady gave me a lecture on eating energy bars and gels. I told her that I did not do the bars cause they upset my stomach and are dairy filled. I drink my calories and she just kept on. I like my Tuesday evenings even if I have to wait. So I reviewed my points for the week. I have been under shooting my numbers except for 2 days. Just as bad as going over. I do not know what else to do. I will bring it to my WW leader this Tuesday again and she what else is the problem. I am trying not to be discouraged but I am regaining the 10 I lost. 😦  Oh yeah I notice we tend to eat a bit later than normal too. That could be a problem. I can’t get it all in at work, they just won’t let me.

Chris have a great time with the triathlon in the am.  🙂 Can’t wait to hear how you do. Speaking of Triathlons, next Sunday I will be doing a mock triathlon, see if I can get the swim in. I am going to work with this group and get it done. I still can’t make my announcement yet….

Have a great rest of the weekend!

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2 Responses to Up and Away…

  1. wdwalone says:

    Hope the leg is feeling better.

    Just keep tweaking the eating. You know you have to hit your points – your body needs fuel or it’s going to go in to starvation mode. The more activity you do, the more you have to take in to keep the energy up and to recover. I hope the leader has some good options for you, I know it’s tough with the dairy issues.

    Great job on the bike ride – 19 miles is awesome and no inhaler, even better!


  2. Chris says:

    Thanks for the support and comments! 🙂 Felt good to have someone watching out.

    Sounds like you’re killin’ it on the bike, that’s great. I tell ya, the whole energy gel/bar/drinks/etc. can be tough with the diet. I have a tendancy to take in much less than I probably need (except for race day) cause I’m all worried about the calories…tricky to master indeed, so you’ll have to let us know if you figure it all out cause I’m sure none of us have! 🙂

    Keep us in the loop on the swim. My breathing issues as well as race day adrenaline sort of screwed me up for the swim the other day, just couldn’t get into a rythm. So whatever you do, try to find your Zen and get into a rythm! Forget about the time, you’ll catch up on the bike for sure!


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