Race ReCap…

It was a beautiful morning this morning. Low humidity. Storm off in the distance that just dissipated. No major wind. Arrived early enough That we had time to  wonder around. E went with me. He made it home last night and got some sleep and he went to the race. That was a nice surprise.  I am impressed with Multi Race they have made new and better, bigger transition, and finish line areas. I got my bike in transition, set up.

This is what I did for fuel and it worked.

I had to change from the Heed to this. It has more in it. I froze some in a small gel. flask for the ride. My Resort mug for the coffee. 🙂

I went over and got my tattoo for the Zico Coconut water. It is one point on WW. They have one with chocolate and it reminds me of a yoohoo. I got the tattoo so I could get a free case of waters at the end of the race, and they donated the money for the case to the foundation for Handicapp multi racers.

Potty break and then headed out to the du start line. Which for some reason I didn’t remember it being out front. I stayed in the back so I wouldn’t get ran over. This time the race official was on a bike. He did the count down and took off on the bike, He did all he could do to just stay in front of the fastest male runner. I was the last du runner. I did my intervals, and did the mile in 13 minutes!!!  Headed in to t1, passed my bike, E was yelling I went to far. More yellow bike this time. 🙂 Helmet first grabbed my fuel for the ride, and left. Just over a minute.  Headed out I was getting excited. I have not been over the causeway in a year and a half and that last time, it almost kicked my ass. I was riding blind. My new speedometer wasn’t working. 😦 Right away I could tell the difference of the full disc tire and rim.  I did not have to work as hard to get moving. Here comes the incline to the start of the causeway. I put it in high gear and I told myself slow and steady. I made it without stopping or turning blue from not being able to breathe. Hit the summit of the bridge and I started to worry. The new rim has a bump in it, so the faster I was headed down the causeway, the worse it felt so I rode the breaks. Had to do this again. If it wasn’t for the fact the rim wasn’t smooth,I would have been faster.

The return trip back, I started to feel like crap. Time to fuel. This was hard. I had to slow down, to keep my balance to get the flask out of my pocket, Once I got it down, I was off again. I did start to feel better. Note to self, fill the areo cup with the Ironman drink.  I missed E on the way in, dismounted and BAM!!!! I didn’t have jelly legs, I had stiff hard legs. Oh great. bike was 41:32. I had to waddle in to t2. Yes, waddle, and if E was there he would have had pictures. haha Grabbed my second set of fuel, and started to down it, and waddled out of t2. This time I was closer to 2 min. T2 And I waddled on. I tried to do intervals . Nope to stiff. Damn… so I kept right on waddling. I see half mile, still no relief. I see mile marker 1. I was so happy!! Past it and then my legs finally loosen up. I was gonna take off running but I said I will finish walking this to the u turn and interval it back. And I did just that. I wish I could share the view. It was so pretty.  Then I hear music playing. What!! Not fair. I got tons of comments for wearing my That Butt Stuff jersey. I had fun with it.

Here comes mile 3. I started to get emotional.  I was spent in this last time I was here.One of my better races, after a year and half on the down side if not finishing a swim, and being depressed, and sick and all kinds of stuff. I took off running. I ran the rest of the way in.  I didn’t care.. I knew that I had just finished a race that almost got the best of me. 45:48 for the 5k and total time was 1:43:28.

We hung out, I went and got a big plate of fruit they were giving to the finishers, and met up with E waited for the awards. We were able to sit under a tree, in the shade and breeze. I changed my shirt, and stuff.

My left calf was trying to blow out but it hasn’t . It is really sore. We packed up and headed home.

What did I learn?? I need to figure out how to get the legs from getting so stiff. Put my fuel in my aero cup. Do more brick work. Work on the arms.Drop some more weight, I am lighter than last time here.

My bike shop said I need to bring in the bike so they can see and feel the rim. It could be that were the valve stem is it just needs to be shaved, or I have a bad tire.  My bike shop had an expo today and I got a new tri clothes, and fuel real cheap. Trent my bike guy shown me the bike he wants to put me on. Amazing!!! But I can not until after October and he will try to hang on to it for me.

I kicked ass today.  I may not have got the time I wanted, but it was over all my best yet.



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4 Responses to Race ReCap…

  1. wdwalone says:

    Awesome Rae! You did a great job, I can tell how proud you are and you should be!!!!

    Congratulations on a fabulous return to racing. It’s so great to hear a race report from you and to hear how amazing you did.

    You rock – keep up the great work.


  2. Chris says:

    Great job, Rae!! Capitalized when things were going well during the first run, and fought through the run at the end, great finish!


  3. Lorraine says:

    Awesome job Rae!


  4. MFess says:

    Rae I would look into ways of better stretching your legs pre race. I know you are saying I do. But I thought the same thing about my shins then a P.T. showed me a better way of stretching it and I have not had any problems with it acting up during my runs since he showed me. Also I would recommend more weight training. It’s another thing that has worked for me. Keep miving Forward!


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