Zzzz..What’s That Smell?

I had a busy day yesterday at work. Never mind the drive to work was insane cause of the weather.

I was suppose to workout when I got home last night, well my body said sleep was more important. So today I will put in my 45 minutes and hopefully it will be outside. Kid wants to ride my bike,so she’s going with me.

Since I am now registered for the duathlon on the 17th. I have to work the day before. My goal is to get my time to 1:29. I would love to get a 1:20, but for now 1:29 will work. I am going to have E tweet my race.I will not be doing any resistance so I won’t be sore next week. But I will be in creasing my spin miles. Doing a 10 miler ride with one of my friends from the race with her and her friends in the am.

I am looking at possible having  some exciting news to bring out tomorrow.  Just waiting…..And That’s the Bottom Line….

Everyone has been having amazing inspiring post. I am so in awe of all of you. I have to say here the drama has drop to almost nothing. That’s been a nice change and we all have been thinking clear and getting along.

I will have new numbers to update later. 🙂


Can you Smellllll…..The Cinnamon Buns …Cooking On Main Street!! Can You See The Twinkle Of The Castle, as you round the corner to head down Main Street ?? I Plan ON IT!! Do you??


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2 Responses to Zzzz..What’s That Smell?

  1. wdwalone says:

    Go Rae – seems like you are back in the swing of things and have hit the ground running – literally!

    You can hit that goal time next week. Remember you can, push for it and know you’re putting in the work to do it!

    Main Street – oh yeah, I am so there! I cannot wait for the Dopey this time around. Still have a healthy respect, but not near as much fear this time around. We’re going to kill it!


  2. Chris says:

    The Rock don’t want no Cinnamon Buns… he wants the smell of success! 🙂

    Nothing like ADR time for January to get some activity on e-mail and the blogs. Also, some great summer races and whatnot that we all seem to be getting involved in. It is truely inspiring, I’d agree with that.

    Just keep focused and centered, you’ll get that goal….and its little dog too!


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