Recap Of June

Hey can you believe that it is July already!! We have started the second half of the year? Holy Cats!! Weigh in was Tuesday and I am -2.4 and E is -1. This is working for us.
Looking back over June. I got in a total of 14 miles run/walk, 15.07 bike, lost 7.4 pounds. Less bad breathing days.

I have started the Goofy training program from Run Disney. Just click the Run Disney to see it.  I plan on the 12 min. mile pace. Why?? Cause I can do that pace walking. So I will work harder to make that a steady run pace. That is my goal. Looking for higher run/walk mileage  for this month.

I have also started my new 2 week exercise plan. Today was workout 1.

Set A: x3 sets, 45 seconds jumping jacks. 50 fast squats,10 burpies.

Set B x3 sets: 45 seconds mountain climbers, 20 plank rows, 30 supermans

Set C x3 sets: 45 seconds high knees, in place, 50 bicycle crunches,20 alternating lunges, 25 bicep curls with weights. I used 5 lbs.

So Saturday will be the 3 miles per the program, and then workout number 2. I will post that tomorrow night.  I set my reminders in my calendar in my phone, so I will have that in my face. I am training for the Goofy. I am finding out I may get a few OT days later in the month so I plan on registering. I did not register for the 4th of July duathlon. Lots of things played for me not to go. But there are 2 more this month.  Finally got the speed tire back. Can’t wait to give it a try. It has been finally raining here. SO I am not complaining.

Today is a great day. Someone turned the big 17 today. She is off with the family in Virginia. I am so proud! I can not believe how big she is now. It has been amazing watching her and her brother grow.

Happy birthday kiddo!!!


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2 Responses to Recap Of June

  1. Chris says:

    Yeah, Happy B-day! Ahh, 17….seems like such a long time ago.

    Anyhoo, great job on getting back into the swing of things and the weight loss (for you and Eric!). You guys seem like you’re doing everything the right and healthy way. That will pay huge dividends in the long run….long run…get it… I crack me up 🙂

    I’ll have to check out the Goofy training plan, not that I’m running the Goof, but curious.

    Tire looks pretty cool on the bike!


  2. wdwalone says:

    Happy Birthday – 17, such a fun year and almost an adult :)!

    Proud of you and E on the weight loss – that’s awesome! So glad that WW is working so well for you both.

    I used that Goofy plan last year and again this year with modifications (more miles). I think it will work really well for you. I am still totally impressed with your pace goals – I’m sure you can do it. You’ll have to wait for me at the finish line :)!

    Sounds like a solid workout plan. Glad to hear that the breathing is getting easier.

    Keep up the awesome work.


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