Ups and Downs

Weigh in Tuesday was +.6. I was surprised it wasn’t more. My left leg was swollen, knee really swollen, and I was bloated. See my body is fighting me tooth and nail. I cant get under 199 again.  Frustrating!I have been good with keeping to my points and not going under. The WW leader told everyone that it means more protein, and good fats. So I have it come up with this. 30-31 points. 6 point meals, x 5 meals a day. It worked quite well at work yesterday. Got to remember WW is based around the couch potato person. That’s what out WW leader said. And we will be going on Sunday mornings now instead of Tuesday evenings. It will be much easier for us.

My goal for me this week is to get that five pound star. So much so, I took a BL reminder and I am using it.

This way it is in my face. I think I am going to also include mileage number for the week too. 🙂 {I only need to drop 1.2 lbs.}

I woke up Monday and found my left knee bruised and sore. I can not figure out why. I wore my braces. I didn’t fall, I didn’t run into anything. But I did move tables and chairs Saturday at the band banquet. I have not done a lot waiting for this to go down. Ice, and stuff. Today no pain. So I see wogging in my future today.

I have to take a test Friday. If I pass great, if I fail, well it will lay my job on the line. I waited way to long to take it and this is the end result. SO I have been reviewing today. I do not know when I will know if I pass. I will find out Friday.

I have Disney plans… I will write about them after the test. This month I hear family, and I see nothing but beaches.Then a visit to gator country. I am so ready.

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3 Responses to Ups and Downs

  1. Richard says:

    You seem to be on the right track, keep up the good work. Good luck on your test.


  2. wdwalone says:

    The WW for couch potatoes is one thing that I was afraid of…I am active, I may be carrying a lot of extra weight, but I don’t sit around all day :).

    Glad the knee is feeling better. I ended up with a mystery swollen bruise on my shin/calf today…Weird, don’t know how it got there, but like you – lots of ice :).

    Disney plans – lucky you!

    Keep that goal in mind – you’ll hit it!


  3. Chris says:

    Keep pushing, tracking, fighting! If you do that, you’re body will lose….lose weight and lose it’s battle with you to hold onto the status quo.


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