The Lost Post…

This is so weird. I have a post missing.. My weigh in post is not here. So weird.

Weigh Me, -4.4, and E -6.8.

Last 2 days work has been well.. work. Yesterday was stressful and no one to blame it on but myself. I about sent myself packing. I was given a reprieve and now I must study and fix it. The Boss lady didn’t have to say a thing when I saw her before she left. That spoke louder than anything.

Packet pick up tomorrow for my bib and stuff. I wish we could do it today. I got up late to go do a morning ride so now I will wait till early evening to go. I want to do the run to since they changed it from the last time I did this.

The band banquet is tomorrow. Let’s see how this is going to go. sigh…

I will post my next 2 week workout plan. I have been running 1 minute and walking for 2. I am going to change it up to 1:30 run and 2 minute walk. Force my lungs to deal with it and catch up. My body wants to run, my lungs just burn like hell. Got to work through that. Looking for new knee braces. I want a set that overs less leg. They have them I just have to find them.

When I have all my gear on, I look like I am going out to do battle! haha. But it keeps my knees from hurting and I can do what I love to do.

Please head over and read my goo friend’s blog. He is talking about his Ironman race from last weekend! Awesome and inspiring. I know we all live so far away ,but I feel like we were there!  Running In To Life. {Kona}

Happy weekend. Be safe and have fun!!

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1 Response to The Lost Post…

  1. wdwalone says:

    Congrats on the weight loss – that is just awesome. Glad to know that WW is working for you.

    Hey, gear is gear and as it allows you to get out and do the work without pain that’s all that matters.

    Good luck with the race. You’re going to rock!


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