The Day and The Life Of Me

Yesterday was my off day for working out. Today I have to do my routine before it gets to late. I am not so sore today. I think I am getting use to it all again.

FYI if you are doing WW make sure you input you info right so you get the right numbers. My height was put in wrong and it gave me the wrong numbers. SO i made the adjustment.

Day one was yesterday. It seemed like I was eating all day at work. Fruit, and veggies. I can’t get away from the desk like I need to so I bring to the desk. Not suppose to but I do. It was much easier that I thought it was going to be. E has some adjusting to do, he had a hard time making his numbers.

After my workout I will have earn an extra 10 points for the 40 minutes resistance and for 40 minutes for the TM workout I will have earned another 10 points. I do not have to use them, but nice to know I can. 🙂

We had some excitement Tuesday. Let me say, if you child / teen does not learn how to defend themselves bulling will happen. When I was 16, you could not lay a hand on me. I was the one who went after the boys.  Today, you will not lay a hand on me. Now we are on alert with the one and making sure things are ok.It was very time consuming and I wanted them to know we will not tolerate it.

Tonight we are going to my daughter’s band concert. Being Vice -Pres. I have to be there. I have to go get the flyers for the fund raiser, and make sure we have enough, be there early, help set up, make appearance for the new members and be proactive. Gonna record it on the ipad.

Have a great Thursday!

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3 Responses to The Day and The Life Of Me

  1. Chris says:

    Bullying?!!??!! I’m with you, zero tolerance for the stuff and my blood boils when I hear about it…. I was never the small kid, so I did have a leg up from that perspective (also an older brother who everyone thought was nuts, so they either thought I was the same or that he’d go after them…probably a little of both :-)). I remember being more of the type who would jump in the middle of those who tried to exert themselves over someone they felt was weaker… again…blood boiling….

    Anyhoo, its so nice to see you posting, working out, and on your way to your goals again! We need ya, Rae! 🙂

    Promise that I’ll put together a propose flyer and date for a T.V. virtual event soon! I’ll propose it and then we can finalize the date, etc. Thinking June will be a good month for it.


  2. wdwalone says:

    I also have a zero tolerance policy for bullying. I grow up a tomboy so I never had to worry as I could and still can protect myself…Something I feel everyone should be able to do.

    Glad to hear you’re able to adjust to WW. Hope it works well for both of you.

    Hope the band concert went well.


  3. Mike F. says:

    Bullying is never a fun thing to have to go through. I was always a big kid and played sports so I never had to experiance it. I did get suspended for a week though for standing up for a kid that could not stand up for himself. The tooth I knocked out made it worth it. I know violence is never the answer, but that kid thanked me because that bully never bothered him again. Glad to hear that your getting back on track. NOW KEEP IT UP!


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