Sore As H-LL, and Loving It…Updated

Sunday was a rough start to the day. I had to use my rescue inhaler. I have been for the last 2 weeks everyday now. Except yesterday. After we did the grocery shopping, meal planning,{which we haven’t done in month} We went out and did 2.5 miles. ON the ride hand side of the screen I was putting up a widget to Map MY Run, but all it created was the little link there. You can see the route,elevation and all. We had a head wind of 15-18mph too. But 41 minutes. Sad… I have to keep telling myself, “it’s ok, restart”.

I did the resistance workout Sunday, and I am still SO sore. At work on Monday, sitting was so hard. All I could do was laugh at myself. 🙂 I haven’t been this sore since 2008. That’s ok. Let me say sitting on the toilet is not fun. haha…

I took Monday off, so today I have to do hills on the TM and I plan on doing better today.{we will see since the legs are so sore} I also have to spin my my bike today. All the parks are closed today, so I will spin on the trainer. It is just real dangerous to ride here.Unless you are in a group.

May 29th, is going to be my first Duathlon since early 10. Work was always getting in the way and stuff. I will carry my phone to track map my run. I have alot of work to do. My last duathlon numbers were 1:29:45. I could never get my numbers over the 1:30 mark. MY breathing was so bad. I will be in my weight group,until I drop some more weight.

Today in the evening E and I will be going to our first WW meeting. See if we like it. For me I need support. I need it in my face. As long as we can create a meal plan, that will not make me go over in calories or under with training. I will update later. It was a very informative meeting. It’s inexpensive, if you want to buy any of WW stuff there’s the kicker. Full of information.  You do not weigh in front of each other,they do announce if you loose a pound to ten. WW is calorie counting, with the work taken out for you. You get weekly informative papers, you get rewards for very 5 pounds and how many meetings you go to.You get your number for your daily intake, then you get 49 extra points for the week. You can save them and used them for whatever you want, or not use them at all. So all my gels, and recovery drinks, and stuff will not suffer, and Fueling will not suffer. The more you exercise the more points you can earn. NO the 49 points do not roll over. 😉  All ages of people,shapes ,styles,types and it was nice to be with other who are in the boat I was in trying to get moving. Alot of them are there cause their life depends on it. If you travel, you take you WW card with you can you can go to any meeting any where world wide. 

15 minute easy high cadence spin. Made my numbers. 🙂

BY NO MEANS AM I COMPLAINING !! I am glad I can make my body this sore! Glad Rae?? Yes.. I took for granted I can do that to myself. Being still for so long,which is not as long as others, and I just can not imagine 18 months when 4.5months were just painful. I know the day will come when they will say your knees can’t do this anymore, I will say make sure the new knees can handle it.

Got to fuel the body, and get moving!{I must Goofy}

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3 Responses to Sore As H-LL, and Loving It…Updated

  1. wdwalone says:

    I love the good after workout sore. That’s a great thing – and you’re right to enjoy it, you earned it.

    I’m curious to see what you thought of the WW meeting. While I like the support idea, the convenience is even more important to me. I’ll be curious if you find out how to modify the program to accommodate the amount and intensity of the workouts you’re going to be getting in again.

    On the Duathlon – remember, it’s been a while. Set realistic expectations. Shoot to finish, set realistic time goals and treat it as the first time you’ve ever raced. I know you can and will do an amazing job!

    So glad to see some fire back in your posts (heck, having you post at all!). Keep it up and give a shout whenever you need someone in your face pushing you cause I’m always here.


  2. Mike Greene says:

    Good to see you back out there. The key is to make exercise as important as anything else in your life (it is – because without the good health it provides, other parts of life will suffer). One thing I always ask people who say they don’t have time to exercise – “how many hours of TV do watch each week?” Invariably, it is SEVERAL. If they were really serious about exercising/weight loss, they could forgo the TV and use those hours to exercise…


    • rae says:

      I agree with you Mike. I watch tv 2 nights a week. . I dvr what I like watch later. We had a incident at my daughters school and that threw our day off, we got done with that just in time to make WW and then from there home at 9p so I could only get in what I can. At least I got in 15 minutes verse zero.


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