I am cleared by the oral surgeon. YAY!!! My entire inside of my mouth looks 100% better from last week.

E and I have been talking about starting WW. We finally can. I found where we can go and see if we are going to like it. My question to them is going to be, How to compensate for fueling for training without killing my daily numbers. I have what works for me. And I am already always hungry. Not the mindless snaking, I am always hungry. My Doctor has offered HCG shots. She said it will help me curb that. BUT… I think it is USAT illegal. I am awaiting a response.

I have been working on my retraining plan. Going back to where Isabeau had started me. The strength and treadmill hills. It worked before, and I am not ashamed of starting back at one.  And the weekly or bi weekly trip down to the Rickenbacker Causeway. I have to be able to ride my bike over that thing and not stop like before.

It may not have been 18 months, but I have missed it and I sure won’t complain when I am sore and tired anymore. It will be pain worth having.

I am not so sure about Marathon Weekend 2012. Well now that I am Vice President of the Band Booster of my daughter marching band, I have to go to all this stuff. I have scheduled fund raisers for them and made an Plan B trip for next school year. Time to dust off the Disney connections. Anyway.. The Band Director want the kids to go to New Orleans 2012. Same weekend as Marathon weekend 2012. If we get the money raised and sponsors they are going. SO at the moment I am unsure what my plans are, but I plan on being prepared. Now E and I have kids and parents looking at us for direction.  I think we will have a real good board member support this coming year.There is no way I can fail now.  They all know I love to do this stuff. I have to be roll model material. WOW! Me.. really..

Now If I can stay well enough..

I will post my training plan later when I get it all together. I want feed back please.

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  1. wdwalone says:

    I cannot tell you how many times I have been on the WW site in the last few weeks. I get ready to join and then back out because I just can’t see how to make it work for what I want and how I want it. I wish they had better examples of their points and how to calculate them on the site, etc…I’ve not been impressed with their site overall. I know that it works for many of our team members, but for some reason I just can’t wrap my head around it.

    I did download a new iPhone app called My Fitness Pal. It’s another tracking app, similar to Lose It, but it allows me to enter information ahead of time instead of just on the previous and current days. It has a pretty large food database, a web site, you can set your goals, add exercise, water consumption, etc…I’ve been using this week and so far I like it pretty well. I know tracking is what I need to do as that has worked several times for me in the past and I can make it work again.

    The one thing I have to really work on now is figuring out the right numbers to give me energy for the amount of miles I’m putting in. I’ve been having the hungry feeling this week too and I don’t like being hungry. I know it will just take fine tuning to get the right balance again.

    I heard that HCG is tough for athletes because you maintain such a low calorie diet with it. It can really sap the energy right out of you – make sure that if it’s legal that you can still function with all the training and normal life activities. I had a couple of family members do really well on it, until they stopped and the weight came right back.

    Setting up a retraining plan is a great idea. You have to start somewhere. There is no shame in starting over as you have decided to start over and that’s what counts.

    It’ll be sad not having you there for Marathon Weekend, but there are more important things and there are other Disney races – I’m planning to be at all the big ones next year so pick your place and we’ll meet up!

    Congrats on getting the band booster club on track. I am sure that the kids and parents are all so grateful to have someone to look too and you’ll do great.


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