Here And There..

Here we are in the state capital. Long drive. And the weather was nicer. It is so much cooler here than back home.

Gonna go out for a walk in the am here and enjoy not seeing a damn palm tree. Man do I miss the big oaks. Here we can see the stars. I have missed them too. Down south you can’t see them. Damn city lights.

My head is back to hurting again. We think it is my wisdom tooth pushing on a molar. it makes my entire head hurt. Well at least it is not my allergies.

E and I discussed it. After this weekend we are going to join WW. It would be nice to drop this last 50.

All the sudden the lobby here has become really crowded. So with that I will cut this short and see what tomorrow brings.

Good night!

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We love All things Disney,Star Wars and great gadgets. If you want something from The World let me know. Maybe we can help. Home of Lil Chewie.
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2 Responses to Here And There..

  1. wdwalone says:

    I know what you mean – sometimes it is nice to be someplace other than where you see everyday…and the weather :).

    I am pretty sure that I’m going to be joining WW too…I have to do something. I still worry that this isn’t the right something, but I think I have to at least try it and see how it goes – if I don’t like it I can stop and go back to what I was doing before I sort of gave up.


  2. Mike Greene says:

    Are you still out there???


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