I am back and in motion. I started this past Sunday a cardio/circuit 20 minute workout. It is every other day,so I can get back into running/walking and riding my bike. I will miss the season opener duathlon but I will be at the one to follow that.

I am sore. I have been doing free weights. My upper body is rather weak. I am trying to use ten pounders. Holy Cats!!  I am going to be weight training. I will be working on building muscle. Still not neglecting run/walk. Right now it is painful to pick up my coffee. But that means body is changing. Good sore. 🙂

There is going to be major diet changes. I have E moving stuff around in the garage for a deep freezer. We are going to be doing strict meal planning. We have a sweet added in with the meals so there will be no, I do mean no cheating!!

Looks like everything is a GO for Wrestle Mania!!! Yes I did say that. Now they have added Steve Austin to the mix for WM!! Supper excited. Me and the kids have not been to Atlanta. We will have the majority of the day to take in sights. I was told to go by and see the CNN building. What else is there to see while there??

I have a pc, how do I make power points that will work with the Ipad??  I am not Apple smart. SO I do not know. I need to know so I can use the thing for work.  I wish I wasn’t working tomorrow or I would go join those in line for the new Ipad!

I think my work shoes have gone bad. My calves and feet hurt so bad by noon, I was having cramping yesterday. I have curves version of the Rockers. Time for a new pair.

I am FINALLY back.. and I am Back with a personal cause!!

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2 Responses to FINALLY….

  1. wdwalone says:

    Go get ’em girl! I like the sound of this new attitude – let’s keep it here and keep you moving.

    Sounds like you have a good plan for the diet. I just can’t seem to get this part down and keep the diet steady and in check.

    I’ve only been to the airport in Atlanta so I’m no help there at all.

    I know there are applications for the iPad that you can use to view/edit PowerPoint presentations, but since I don’t have an iPad I can’t help much there either…


  2. MikeF says:

    Wel it’s about freaking time girl! Now knock it out of the damn park! Or in WWE terms BODY SLAM THOSE GOALS! OH YOU DIDN’T KNOW?!?!


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