What’s Going On…

I have been MIA. I have been sick again. Ever since last weeks episode with the cleaner, I have been off. My eyes are watering, nose is running, and body pains. NO fever this time. I have not been training consecutively, and My head feels like it is huge and in a vise grip. I have to work tomorrow and I really do not want to.The weather down here is crazy. It has been in the 80’s! It has been really warm for this time of the year. The rest of the county is covered in snow. The weather I think is part of my problem. I go through this every spring, not winter!

My online running /walking group, Team Voice has team up with Make a Wish. If you take a look to the right of the screen you will see a Make a Wish logo and click it and it will take you to our donate page. Still working on it. Gonna add to the page. And if you would like to support us raising money to send a child to Disney please do. The great thing about this, is that we will get to know who is going. We will get a bio of the child and family and they will get one about us. Is that cool!!! So this Saturday Team Voice is having its first virtual race. Gimme 5 for 5. Run, walk crawl,push a wheel chair, do a 5k, which is 3 miles with no time limit. And donate $5 to Make A Wish. SO you can head out and do a 3 mile walk,run, crawl, or wheel chair push for a cause!! Even if you do not want to do the 5k you can still support us.  Keep a look out for more fund raising.. and virtual races. Team Voice Event Page.

If you follow my Avon sales go take a look at my post on my Tab Under Avon.

Weigh in tomorrow. No so sure how this is going to go since the drama button has been push on here for some reason.

I hope all have a great weekend!

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We love All things Disney,Star Wars and great gadgets. If you want something from The World let me know. Maybe we can help. Home of Lil Chewie.
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1 Response to What’s Going On…

  1. wdwalone says:

    Hey now – no excuses…Even if you don’t feel good, get out and get a walk in – don’t worry about pace, just get out there and do something…You’ll be so proud of yourself and you may even feel better afterwards :). I know it’s tough with your breathing being off.

    Can’t wait to get my miles in tomorrow and make a great donation for our team :)!


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