Better Today

Yesterday at work was just a weird day. Started off nice and then Holy Cats the flood gates open and we were busy.

Housekeeping always comes around and cleans in the nurses station. For some reason Monday this lady use a cleaner that did not agree with me. As soon as she started to use it I was coughing. Then I couldn’t stop coughing. I asked if she was going to rise the sink out? No answer. Then I was getting short of breath. I let the nurses station. I had to get away. My face turned all shades of red and coughing. I had one of the girls hand me my inhaler and I used it. It helped but I was still having problems. The smell wasn’t going away. I can’t stay away from the desk to long.

I did have a hard time concentrating. I was missing orders and all kind of stuff. I asked the charge nurse to call about it. No one one came up to address the problem. During this we had someone fall and get hurt bad, and another one going bad. So me and all my coughing and shortness of breath was well left unaddressed. SO when I go back to work Wednesday it will get addressed. I have never had that happen before.

I was unable to get my training ride in due to I wasn’t well. Today I slept alot. I have no linger problems but I sure do not want to do that again.

So I am not sure if I cam going to make my bike ride today. The weather here is not so nice. Always when I want to ride my bike.

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2 Responses to Better Today

  1. wdwalone says:

    Yikes – hope that doesn’t happen again. I have that problem with a lot of cleaners…If they don’t get me with headaches and coughing, then I get swelling red splotches if they touch me. No fun for sure.

    Hang in there!


  2. Chris says:

    I know the feeling and that happens to me with lemon pledge, nailpolish smell, anything strong smelling and I get lung inflamation. Not fun, so I feel your pain.

    What about the trainer, can you get a bike ride in that way? Whatever works! 🙂


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