Training Begins..

What a week. I went back to work this week not allowing everyone to get under my skin. SO far so good.

I just can’t seem to shake this blasted cough. It sounds wet again.  I know it’s not helping that we were in the 80’s and then went dropping into the 40’s!

I did a easy spin on my bike Tuesday. 23 minutes in I blew out my tube. I went to put a new one in and it is to damn wide. Ugh… I was going to go out for a training ride at the park where the opener race is in April. So now I have to get a new tube. SO I am charging my i pod and I am going to hop on the dreadmill and do a hill program.  I know I will not make the KOTH this month. Unlike all the goofy runners/walkers.

I am back to counting my calories and being discipline with my meals. Let me say it has not been easy. Remember that it takes 18 days to start a new habit. Will not be easy. The body is fighting me. But so far I am holding strong. I will weigh in tomorrow before work.

I start working with my new Coach Monday. We communicate through training peaks. Not bad. Just got to get use to the different program. I need to renew my body bug, so I can keep up with my burn.

Here is my race schedule for this year as long as work is cooperative. They already know I am going to put in for Jan.5-8 2012. Registration opens Mar. 15th ,day before my birthday!  Looking more like 6-12.


April 3 opener Tradewinds, May 15th Crandon Park, May 29th Singer Island, June 11 TBD,  June 19th Crandon Park, July 17th Crandon Park. Remember Crandon Park is the one with the The causeway!!

Now if things work right, 9/4 Tradewinds will be my next attempt to conquer the triathlon swim. If I do, Then again 10/9. Then it will be good bye duathlons.  Then end the duathlon season with 11/13/11 with the half Ironman distance. Duathlon. This will give me an idea if I can do the distances on the ground, and how my body is going to react. Then Jan.2012 Marathon weekend. I am rolling around doing the Goofy. I will decide before registration opens.  I may or may not do any other Disney races before then. I may do some of the local boring ones, but It is to keep my mind and body intune for Disney.

I am working hard on keeping my mind and body all on the same page. Gonna be hard work. I have less to stress over this year. Just tie up some loose ends and I am free!! And I can’t wait to be free!

We will be going to Virginia this summer. Get some training in while there. They have hills!!

Ok have a great week!!




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3 Responses to Training Begins..

  1. Chris says:

    There is a long year ahead of us, let’s make sure we measure out our adrenaline rush to last through it all!

    Can’t wait to hear how you conquered that swim later this year!


  2. MikeF says:

    Yeah Rae is getting back on that Horse! Keep it up Rae! If you need anything I am always some form of technology away.


  3. wdwalone says:

    Well, you don’t have to worry about me with miles this month…I am home now and sick! I am going to try to get some walking in tomorrow, but I don’t know how far I’ll be able to go.

    That’s a lot of races coming up this year. You’re going to have to stay focused and really keep sharp in terms of body and mind. I know you can do it though.

    I’ll be doing Dopey again next year. I have been putting a lot of thought in to the times I want next year and it’s going to take a lot of work to get there. It would be great to have you out there doing the races with us next year :)!


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