Trip Report #1 Half Marathon…Birthdays…

What a great weekend. It didn’t start out so great. At first I didn’t even think I was going. We left here so late on Friday I was freaking out!  Once we got up North I was feeling a bit better.

Saturday am we missed everyone meeting up in the am  since we were stuck in traffic going into Epcot. Let me say it just seemed to me I was late to everything this trip. We did meet Gina. 🙂

We went out to the spectator viewing for the start. This year was really neat. In Iraq they were running a half marathon at the same time. Al Rocker was running in the half. All the Today show cast was there but Matt. They started the half earlier than normal. There was 8 waves I found out. We stayed through #6.We headed out to the MK. We missed Chris and Justin going through the MK. But we caught Jeff, and Amanda and SANTA Claus! Santa was in his red running shorts, full beard, and his Hat and a blue water bottle.He was fast!! We stayed in MK waiting for the Voice to come trough. Then all the sudden we saw him!! we were cheering and yelling keep going. We had Gina’s son with us, and he was alot of fun. We saw Gina and her husband come in the MK as well.

Then we went over to Poly. and watch them all come through. People were screaming For Santa!! And he would wave back!!  We headed out from there to get the monorail to go back to the finish line at Epcot. I stood up in the monorail so I could see out the window. I was looking for Jon. We are moving and I was glued to the door. We saw the end of the race, and a bus and the white sweeper vans. They were behind this lady that was weaving all over, then there was a group of walkers and Jon!! I started pounding on the window yelling “run Jon run!!””The bus is coming”. It got quiet on the monorail. We just could not get to Epcot fast enough for me!! We arrive and I got a clear spot and took off!! Amanda text she was at mile 12 which was right there! I didn’t see her, I went running past her, It hopes of Jon not getting picked up. But by the time I was at the corner to were the runners come into Epcot he text me and said the bus pulled out in front of him. “ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!”

So I ran back across to try to see Amanda finish but she had already crossed. And Jeff was ahead of her by 6-7 minutes.  E found Jeff and I found Amanda and they did great!!

I was able to meet up with my New Coach. Coach B. We talked about the stuff I have done, I want to do, and please do not leave out the running part ! He told me look for a indoor triathlon. Meaning the swim is in a pool. I forgot about that. Cool. Starting Feb. The abuse begins! Duathlon for me is Easter weekend. I have alot of work to do since I have been sick for a month now. It is finally going away. I am super excited to get this going!

I know I said Half 2012 and Goofy 2013, but I am being pulled towards the Goofy again. We will see. Since it will be 20th ann. for the marathon at Disney in 2013.

Today is my Hunny’s birthday. First time being home for his birthday in 2 years! We were going to go out to dinner but he just wanted subs and some Oreo’s. Go to dinner Tuesday evening. That’s we are going to do.  ;0)  E is my biggest fan, supporter, my soft place to fall.Good days, bad days, quiet days, E is always my rock. I love him so. He even supports me in my crazy quest to be an Ironman one of these days. Happy birthday E!! You made it around the sun again!!



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2 Responses to Trip Report #1 Half Marathon…Birthdays…

  1. Chris says:

    Happy Birthday Eric!!! 🙂

    Thanks again to you both for your support this weekend, it was huge!


  2. wdwalone says:

    Happy belated birthday to Eric!

    So glad that you made it for the races…You guys were such a huge support for me, I can’t thank you enough!

    As for the Goofy – I’ll be doing it again…I woke up Monday morning and was like – oh yeah, I have to do this again next year and I will do better! So, join Matt and I and whoever else wants to go Goofy and we’ll all have a lot of fun!


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