Under The Weather

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas holiday.

I have one of my 2 kids here with the flu. The doctor said she tested positive for it. Finally she has not ran a temp in nearly 48 hours. Christmas day I started. By the evening I was was so ill I had a hard time doing anything. I spiked a fever on Sunday. I sure didn’t go to work on Monday,I went to the doctors. All he would tell me is I have a viral infection. Gee, that covers alot of stuff. I  have no voice to talk, and I am on the phone majority of the 12 hour shift, no fever. But I am short of breath when I move around alot. He gave me a real strong antibiotic. It makes me sick to my stomach. I use my rescue in haler to open my lungs up so I can breathe.

SO I have not been doing to much of anything. And everyday I miss, I am not getting paid. I do not have any banked hours. So I am not so sure If I should even try to go in Wednesday.

By Christmas day was nice. My Dad was here and it’s been 2 years. He just gets in a mood and no one knows why.   He got E’s mustang running again!! I am so glad!! Now he have a V8 mustang with the rumble again! And it is a convertible. I can’t wait to feel better and drive it!! More Power!!!

So this year..started out good for me. I finished a full marathon. Then I was on the slow roll of loosing my time and breathing. Then all the drama, and I DNF the Half Ironman. SO I have not been doing well with anything walking/running related. Even the duathlons. I just could not get ahead. So I am ending the year with a nasty cold/pneumonia.

But what came out of this year is Team Voice is now it’s own free standing walking/running support group for those who love  Disney and need a starting point. I am hoping Team Voice will be growing and gaining speed this year.

For me, My personal goal is to finish dropping the weight. Isn’t much another 30-35. Now We know what was stopping me. Start fresh after this cold/pneumonia rebuild my endurance for walking/running.  Get ready for the triathlon/duathlon season 2011. Got to get my game on! And build upper body strength. I have alot of training to do this year.I am training for a cause… ;0)

Have a great day and stay warm!

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3 Responses to Under The Weather

  1. Chris says:

    Without the trials, we wouldn’t have the opportunity to show what we are really made of. Keep fighin’ Rae, it makes success that much sweeter.

    Team Voice will do great this year as well, one step at a time. 🙂

    Hope the family starts to feel better soon!!


  2. Chris says:

    BTW – I got the weather forecast from weather.com extended forecast and have seen a couple of 10 day forecast’s that look the same. The one interesting tidbit is that there was a 15 day forecast that showed marathon weekend slightly colder at 60 as a high….honestly though, I’ll bet we won’t really know how it might be for another few days, but such is the weather!

    Last you mentioned, you were probably not coming up that weekend, anything change? Really hope we will see you guys, but totally understand if you can’t make it.


  3. wdwalone says:

    Hope you start feeling better really soon. It certainly sucks being sick.

    You had some trials this year for sure, but you’re heading in to next year with the right attitude. You’re going to get your health back where you want it, your weight and everything else you want. Just stay positive and you will stay strong :)!


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