Here we are a week to go and it will be Christmas. Today it has cooled off again. It is looking more likely that Jan.2011 is going to be cold again. So be prepared.

I have to go restock the kids with drinks at the gift wrapping booth this morning.  I feel like crap. I have a tooth that I know needs to have a root canal done,but I don’t think I will be getting it done this week.

I am passing out the new Avon books today. This is actually becoming more productive.

Project X is in flight…. I can’t wait to hear when it arrives!!!

I have been walking on the treadmill doing hills . 30 minutes going as fast as I can and pushing as hard as I can. I am back up to a 16:40 min. mile while on the inhaler, keeping my heart rate in the 140’s. So I am going to try without the damn inhaler and see how I do.

I have sent an E-mail to the American Lung Assoc. to see if I can get Team Voice connected to them.  They do run/walks and climbs.

I think we are finalizing the Team Voice board members and once we post them, and start posting our Skype meets, I will be signing us up to be an official running group.

SO enjoy your Sunday!!

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2 Responses to Ramblings

  1. wdwalone says:

    Happy Sunday to you too :)!

    Hey, are you supposed to try running/walking without the inhaler? Remember your body is probably still getting used to everything and you don’t want to mess with it until you give this the best shot possible.

    Very excited about Project X – so cool!

    I like the American Lung Association idea for Team Voice – that’s another great cause and well worth supporting for sure!

    I am preparing for the cold. I’ll be fine with the cold, I will be one with the cold :)!

    Can’t believe how close the races are…It seems impossible that a year since I signed up has almost passed!


  2. rae says:

    I didn’t use the exercise/rescue inhaler. It is the one that raises my HR and it didn’t today, and it felt so good. I didn’t want to stop, but we had passed out over a mile of books. {About 50, books} I just wanted to keep going but E wasn’t prepared to keep going.
    My daily one works great. I just worry about the long term issues that come with it. Like osteoarthritis, mac. degeneration,etc…
    I know I am so super excited !!! Goofy here comes Amanda!


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