What A Sunday

Today we helped with the band gift wrapping booth. It was fun working with the kids. We weren’t all so busy for the most part but we did wrap. On my day off Tuesday I will be working the booth alone. Holy Cats!!! McArthur Marching Band.

After that we came home and did our normal stuff. Then it rained. I can not pass out books in the rain. I haven’t made it on the treadmill either today. I have to figure out how to manage my time so I can get back to my running and biking basics. I just may have to get up earlier in the mornings to get the aerobic workout in then run or hill training after work. And suck it up and ride my bike out here in this crazy city.

I have to get my intake on track way better. I am off track of my every three hour meals. I have to do it. Even at work no matter what.

It looks like we will be coming up in Jan. 2011.{could change again} We will be staying off site no big deal, and I offered Chris to push him around in wheelchair after the Goofy. :0) I was looking at maybe doing the Princess half. We will see. Timing and all. I maybe picking up a trainer again.

I hope everyone listen to the new podcast by the Intro Guys. Just starting out.

Have a great Monday!


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We love All things Disney,Star Wars and great gadgets. If you want something from The World let me know. Maybe we can help. Home of Lil Chewie.
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1 Response to What A Sunday

  1. wdwalone says:

    Sounds like a crazy day for sure!

    I do hope you can make it up in January. It’ll be great to see you! I can’t wait for the races – nervous and excited for sure!

    Time is always an issue isn’t it? It’s tough to get up early and tough to workout after the drama of the day, but you’ll find what works for you.

    I would love to do the Princess again, but I can’t make it this year…Finances and time off work isn’t going to let me :(.


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