Why ??

The madness at work is do draining.. The drama from the teen stuff is so draining. Now the Boss messing with my time off in JAN>2011 is driving me nuts!!!  This all plays on my mental side. It tears me down. Holds me back.

I have been thinking, how did I get through it all the year before, and not left it effect me so much? I really do not know. I just did it. I think I just ignored all the BS and just did it. So why was 2010 so different?? Why did I let the sprint triathlon play on me so hard?? I was in tears in May at the Half Ironman, cause I was scared to get in the water cause I couldn’t breathe in the sprint triathlon. So in turn my biking suffered, I stopped swimming, I stopped running/walking, I just stop.

I tried many times to re start. I did a duathlon that was located in a horrible location for a race, I had to stop in the race for a fire truck, the road was so ruff I was worried I was going to bend my road tire rims. I should had have off road tires. Then I couldn’t run. I couldn’t breathe. So my time suffered. Then I stop again. Plus all the teen drama and all the nonsense from that. I did a Night time half marathon and my times suffered. I couldn’t breathe. My toes and fingers tingled. It was so humid. My left calf muscle was shot. I lost nearly 30 minutes!

SO I stop. Again.

Now I know why I couldn’t breathe. I feel better. This is the end of week 3, and I feel good. Man can I smell. I can smell everything. I can walk the stairs at work, without loosing my breath. I can …. I am sleeping through the nights, getting more sleep. I wake up feeling better.

So now how do I keep my world from effecting my mental side without draining me so where I am not mentally tired to where I can’t train??

I see a triathlon in my future. Why?? Because I can breathe.


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3 Responses to Why ??

  1. saundra says:

    2011 is a new year!!! You can breathe, you can do it!!!

    Having a teen myself, I totally understand the teen drama, Some days you want to throw you hands in the air and Scream and Scream and Scream. There are days I wonder how my beautiful little girl has become this thing. I have heard that I am coming to the end of the worst years. Sadly that means we are coming to the moving away and going to school years.

    2011 is going to be a great year. 🙂 Stay positive, smile and run swim and bike.


  2. Chris says:

    Life’s all about peaks and troughs, right? Sounds to me that you’re ready to climb that peak again. You’ve been there before and will do it again. Just keep the plan in mind, break down the goals into smaller more achievable chunks, and you’ll be there before ya know it.


  3. wdwalone says:

    Okay…so I can relate to a lot of this post (other than the teen drama)….I have had nothing but drama with the job and it’s still going on…

    I let this affect me this year too. I lost a lot of time beating myself up, just giving up, just doing the bare minimum.

    Finally, I realized (with some help from some friends – Chris and Matt) that I had to make the time for myself. I had to believe I was worth the effort. I had to leave the drama on the floor and put myself out to do what I needed to do to better me.

    It’s not easy. It will never be easy, but if I keep reminding myself that it’s for me and it’s for a better me – it makes it easier.

    Get yourself a goal on the calendar – something you want so badly that you won’t let yourself fail. Work backwards on the calendar and build your training plan. Set up specific goals you want to do by certain dates. Make yourself accountable. Provide yourself rewards and punishments. Do whatever it takes to make yourself get out the door and be your best.

    You know you have support out here. Use it. Contact us when you’re having a bad day, a good day, a pity party, a celebration – let us support you, motivate you and encourage you when you need it. You’re not alone!

    And I keep telling you – remember what you did in January! A full marathon, when you couldn’t breathe and didn’t know why…You can do anything you set your mind to, but you have to do it to succeed!


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