Making Christmas

The other evening, 2 nights ago to be exact. We did 2 miles. I used my inhaler as told to. And we were off. I watched my heart rate. I was able to control it and keep it in the mid 130’s. SO that made for a slow 2 miles. Non the less I was super happy to be back out there. 31 minutes for the 2 miles. But I was out there and I didn’t care as long as I finished. After we got in I did 30 minutes of cardio. I was still able to keep the heart rate in the 130’s.

Yesterday we dusted the house from top to bottom. Got rid of the cat hair, dust bunnies,and Mr. B. hair. So now to keep the house with less dust bunnies. E won’t let me spray bug spray any more, or use some other things. I am not gonna stop breathing form it!! I am still moving!

Now today I have to figure out where on earth in this house are we going to put up the tree. We have a book self where we normally put the tree. We are talking about moving the self to behind the couch for Christmas. One side of it is my Disney stuff,and the other is E’s cars, and on the bottom is books. It’s a rather large shelf solid wood.

I sure can not wait for the Epic Mickey Game to come out. And Fantasia !!!I got a coupon in an e-mail for it. I will go over to the Event page and share it!! I have Fantasia on VHS, and I never got to see Fantasia 2000!I can not wait!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday!

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4 Responses to Making Christmas

  1. Chris says:

    Great to hear you got that 2 miles in considering all you have been dealing with lately. I know when I’m off for a while it feels as great as finishing 10 miles, just to get out there and the blood pumping. 🙂

    We got our tree up the other day after moving numerous kid toys from the “playroom” which will revert back to the formal living room when the kids grow up.

    Gotta say, I’m pretty interested in the Epic Mickey game, looks pretty darn cool!


  2. wdwalone says:

    Woohoo – see, you can do it. Take it slow and you’ll build your base back up and get the miles in and be feeling so much better. So proud of you for getting out there and getting it done!!!

    Good plan getting rid of the dust, hair and not using the sprays…All those things are going to help you be your best!

    Good luck with the tree situation. No decorations for me this year. I have to travel for work and if I left the tree out the dogs would eat it – no seriously – they’d destroy it…It wouldn’t be pretty!


  3. Richard says:

    Good going on the run! Don’t worry about speed, especially while using heart rate as your guide. Most of my training since June was heart rate based and I have made some big improvements since then, but that does mean sometimes you go slow as you are training your body.

    I should follow your example and remember that a clean house is a healthy house.


  4. Mike Greene says:

    On your “Team Voice member of the month” page, you never mention who exactly the person is…


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