Well today was the day I saw my Doctor.  Her scale said I lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks!! My scale says 193.4 which is another -2 pounds.

I had alot of stuff dumped in my lap. She just is continued to amazed that I have been able to complete any of these races,specially the full marathon. Now seeing all my numbers, I am amazed myself. I have as it says in the tittle C.O.P.D. She is also amazed that I do not cough all the time.  Yay! I am as healthy as I am, and I have lungs of a 80 year old smoker.

Now, I can get back out there. This really wasn’t my year to do the goofy. This wasn’t my year to be an Ironman either. This is why.

This will never go away. I will have to learn how to live being able to breathe without pain. Heat is my enemy. It always has been. Nothing new there.

I am going to be on a daily inhaler. Twice a day.


I have a rescue inhaler. That rescue inhaler is also my inhaler before I run, bike, exercise of any type. If I get a tiny feeling of tightness I have to take it.  She changed that to Pro Air. This is suppose to keep my heart from racing.

I am angry. Cause I was a infant that lived in the hospital for over a month. My heart stopped three times in that time. My Dad was sent home from the Army on Honorable discharge cause they didn’t think I was gonna be around.  I had bronchial pneumonia. That is where this all stems from. Then going up in the 70’s, the older folks smoked. With the windows closed,open whatever. That’s back before we knew about second hand smoke. I was a child who didn’t know better and they were all suppose to protect me from this stuff!! Now look! I turned into a medicine chest!

To do what I want to do I have to take all this stuff. Never mind I wasn’t ready for the swim, I was but my lungs were not! That’s why I turned blue that early morning last April. I just could not breathe.

Just wait!!! Just wait… I am going to finish a half marathon in under 3 hours !

Last Sunday we went to to Miami to watch Wrestling in person live!!! After we parked, I used my inhaler. Our seats were really high up and I am scared of heights. By the time we got to them I was in panic, fear mode!!. But once I was able to calm down !! Holy Cats!! Wrestling in person is sooooo awesome! One more thing marked off my to do list.

Looks smaller in the photo.

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Happy and safe travel this week!!


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4 Responses to C.O.P.D.

  1. Richard says:

    Rae, I am so glad to hear that you seem to be getting some real help on the medical front. I know COPD is not anywhere close to what you wanted to have as a diagnosis; but at least now that you know what you have, it can be handled. Your weight loss is really good and that can only help you the rest of the way around.

    I really don’t like heights either and get that same feeling if I climb to the top of a big arena, at least until I can sit down and watch the event.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. MikeF says:

    My mom has been on inhalers ever since jr. high. You can and will learn to live with it because your are Rae and you can freaking do anything! Keep moving forward! SAY IT LOUD SAY IT PROUD!


  3. wdwalone says:

    A diagnosis is a good thing. This is something you can work with – now that you know what it is, you can deal with it. An inhaler is not the end of the world – it is just the beginning.

    Funny how our lives somewhat mirrored each other. I had quite a few problems as a baby – including pneumonia that left a spot on my lung, smoking Dad, Mom took steroids for allergies while pregnant with me, etc….

    Also amazing how we continue to strive, improve and do those things that matter the most to us.

    You are going to reach your goals – under 3hrs for a half and you are going to be an Ironman. Just a thought – have you checked at all to see what is required for the para-athletes in an Ironman. I know that’s what my co-worker has done because of the MS and it may be something to look in to…The qualifications for Kona are different for this group….Also, maybe you should think about contacting the drug company for sponsorship – again, something that they might do and be able to help with some of the costs.

    Now, pat yourself on the back and remember how much you’ve done without the help of medicine. Then visualize just how much further you’ll be able to go once you get all of this under control!


  4. Chris says:

    reading your posts in reverse…. yes, if the costs of the meds are killing ya, most Pharma’s have discount programs to help, and you typically just have to ask them. Probably not so much for generics, but for the name brand stuff there is most likely help.

    I tell ya, I’ve struggled with the asthma thing all my life and was never really able to perform as well as my body was able to due to the lung capacity. My parents didn’t smoke or anything, but there is something to do with c-section kids and asthma as well. Maybe that was it for me…who knows… The thing is, once I lost the weight a couple of years ago, I was able to gradually start training and got better and better…I have pushed the boundaries of my lungs for sure, but know where the line is, which helps. I may never be a sprinter or even a 16 minute 5k’er, but I know I can get better and better with some extra effort. To me, once I knew how to deal with what I had, it was so much easier to succeed. It’s when you don’t know, that’s when it’s difficult cause your mind comes up with all kinds of crazy thoughts which prevent you from fulfilling your true capability.

    Not sure if you’ll even see this note, since I’m reading backwards, but you’ve got the right attitude and will accomplish those things you set out for, because you can!


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