Just a Fast One

Real quick. Had my testing done today.

I do know that I do have full onset asthma. I now have found what has been holding me back. Now knowing I feel better. But, now How the hell did I get this?? To learn I am actually now doing so hot.  My lung volume is 95%, which is good. But my Flow out is not. Without meds, 31%. Really bad. With meds, only went up to 42-46%. Not so sure of the number. After she gave me a albuterol treatment I was so shaky and jittery. I could not sit still. She said this was not uncommon. And it will go away after 7-10 days. I could not think straight.  I had the need to get up and run. I felt like I had way to much coffee.

So I will be going to my Doctor’s on Tuesday, to finish getting the rest of the news. They recommend that I get an inhaler, for daily use,twice a day. I also received a flow meter today. It is for me to use to track my out put. SO today I blew a 250. Not so good. I did it again later in the day and did a 450. Much better.

This is alot to take in. I am having such mix feeling about this. Now to fins what will work so my hear rate doesn’t go through the roof while running. I can’t wait too. Then I feel I don’t care too.

I will be able to swim this coming season! Then I don’t care… So I am not so sure about all of this. How are these meds going to be over long term use? How is my body going to react when I get sick? I already have it rough when I catch a cold.

Holy Cats!! How did I get like this!!! I thought loosing weight I would feel and get better. Not worse. I am not so big on shopping, and I dislike going and buying clothes.


So I will be going to my Doctor’s

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6 Responses to Just a Fast One

  1. Richard says:

    Rae, you’ve taken so many hits in this past year I almost have to wonder how you have kept going this long….but you have kept going. I know several runners/triathletes with asthma who are on inhalers at times, so I have every confidence in you to adapt as well. Now that you know where your trouble is, you will be able to deal with it….and you will be better.


  2. MikeF says:

    I would ask your Doc if he knows of any studies that have been published about your condition and what your activity level is. I would also just google running with an inhaler and see what pops up. Keep moving forward! Never and I mean never forget it. Drop me a line if you need to vent.


  3. wdwalone says:

    Okay…practice deep breathing and relaxing…Have you asked your doctor how much the stress affects your condition.

    You know, there are a lot of athletes that have asthma. It’s not the end of your exercising and feeling accomplished. You can and will get through this and you can still get to Kona and kick some booty.

    Take the time you need to get yourself under control. Don’t get overwhelmed thinking you have to do everything today. You have everything you need inside you to make it through anything – think back to January and finishing your first marathon….YOU ARE STRONG, YOU ARE ABLE and YOU WILL CONQUER!!!


  4. sjsbrook says:

    Rae sending you some pixie dust.

    Asthma is not a death sentance,just a curve in the road. Keep your positive attitude and keep moving forward. You can get through this.

    Aging is not always kind, but we can make the most of it.


  5. rae says:

    Thanks all. I was angry at the time and I was suppose to do all this back in the spring, but teen drama caused me not to get it done till now.

    I took pride in being able to say I don’t take meds. SO I will have to adjust.


  6. sjsbrook says:

    ahhh teens you have to love them.

    At least you know now and you have all of us to vent to.

    Extra pixie dust to you today. 🙂


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